Monday, December 15, 2008

What's Next?

I'll take a quick break from posting Regimental histories and uniforms to give a "heads up" on future plans. I'll need to produce some flags for my Regiments shortly. Each Regiment will have a King's Colour and a Regimental Colour. At present I'm looking at variations on the Prussian model, but time will tell. I've started mustering the troops. The bulk will either the fantastic EUREKA MINIATURES "Age Of Reason" range or OLD GLORY 25's from their "American War Of Independence" (AWI) or "French And Indian Wars" (FIW) ranges. I've also ordered some of the very nice PERRY MINIATURES AWI figures. I hope to have them all on the painting bench before the New Year.
I'll also add a few extra links.


  1. Samoans (in units of their own, in traditional dress) for instance don't appear in the 'regular' OOB of the HMK Might, but can turn out some day as 'auxiliaries' -the published OOB may actually be that of the local equivalent of Roman legions.

    Then, what about a Camel Corps using (conversions of) minis of Bonaparte's Regiment des Dromadaires in semi-Mameluk uniform?

  2. Hi
    The current ORBAT is at the time of King Phillip 1st crowning. More units, (mainly Malitia, Freikorps, Auxiliaries and "Volunteers" etc) will be added to the ORBAT.