Monday, August 24, 2009

The Yarra Militia takes delivery of a New Colour!

Hi Folks
The CO of the Yarra Militia has just taken delivery of two; (count them; 2) new Regimental Colours.
In true Militia tradition he has asked the troops to vote on which "Colour" they want to carry.
Please cast your vote for either:
A) The RED flag,
B) The BLUE flag.
You can see the Regiment in question HERE!

(Vote by place in comment simply saying "BLUE" or "RED".

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Army Flags: Part Two (The Militia)

Where as the Royal Army has set regulations for it's Colours, the Militia has taken a very liberal approach to the procurement if it's flags.
Basically the design of the flags are approved by the Regimental CO, with final approval to come from the King. This is rarely done however, with the King often seeing a particular Militia Regiment's flag for the first time when either conducting an inspection or on the field of battle!
Militia Regiments carry only one flag, a "Regimental" or "Colonel's" Colour.
Flags are often designed by an individual from the regiment, (and sometimes the wife of the CO, RSM, 2IC etc). Occasionally they are a collective effort, such as the Clairmont Militia's Regimental Colour. Their colour was selected by vote after the CO ran a compitition. The Best design (as voted on by the Officers and RSM) would earn the budding "Artist" an extra seven rations of Rum!
Consequently some of the most bizarre and / or impressive flags belong to the Militia Regiments.
Example of some are below:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

War Clouds On The Horizon?

(Pictured: A repeated scene across the Kingdom. A man takes his wives to his Temple to declare his "Chosen" one)
Grand Duke Colin, General Zillmann and the King dismounted their horses near a small tavern. The mounted escort from Princess Hayley's Hussars moved to their usual positions around the trio; five troopers and one NCO each at the 4 cardinal points. The young officer, second in command dismounted with another five troopers and positioned themselves within close proximity to the King. The Major commanding the escort moved with the King.
They had just left a meeting with the Prophet and the Church Council at The Temple.

Only two days earlier the Prophet and Queen had had a lunch and meeting with the King, and there they had presented a Church Proclamation to the King. At that meeting it was decided that the King and his most trusted advisors would meet at greater length with the Prophet and entire Church Council.

The meeting had lasted for more than two hours, and now the small band were heading back to the Palace.
"The King and his party require some privacy"! barked the Major in command of the Escorting Troop

"Of course. Allow me to clear this table in the corner", stammered the Inn Keeper.

"We are not used to such regal visitors"

Tables were moved, chairs were replaced with better chairs.

"'Tis a great honour M'lard"!

General Zillmann was the first to speak:
"I suspect the proclamation will be readily accepted by most of the lower to middle class, but much of the nobility will not be happy Sire"

"I agree, but the Church will release the proclomation regardless of what I think. Hmmm, time to pick a side".
The King sipped his apple juice.
"I must be seen to support the Church. The noblility can choose between what is right, or what is conveinient. I shall set the example; which won't be too hard. My other wives, Lady Julie and Duchess Rachel are far away already. They are also well cared for".
"But what of the divorced wives, what becomes of them Sire"? General Zillmann's question was a good one.

"My good General, The Prophet said that they would remain the responsibility of their ex husbands"
The Grand Duke replied:
"The laws would and will need to make clear that even though the husband must choose only one wife, he would still be responsible for the divorced wife or wives until they were either re-married; or died".
General Zillmann made an observation:

"I can see that many men are not going to be to happy about supporting a woman that gives nothing in return.
There will be a lot of weddings for the newly divorced;... or a lot of funerals".

A week later the proclomation hit the streets:
The Prophet and King are compeled to make the following Holy Proclomation!
Our Heavenly Father has decreed, no man is to have more than one wife!
Any man with more than one wife is to present to their Shire or Provincial Temple with their wives and declare their chosen one.
The divorced wives will be cared for by their ex husbands until they are re-married.
Their welfare and safety will be the resonsibility of their previous husbands.
Children will remain in the care of their Birth mothers, unless they are voluntarily surrendered to their fathers.

Ex-wives may reside within their ex-husband's lodgings until re-married, but may not engage in "Relations".

Any person failing to comply with the proclomation will be deemed in violating the most holy institution of marriage and face severe punishment in this world, and judgment in the next!


More "legal" details were posted with the proclomation, but the thrust of what was now law wasn't lost on the masses.
For many, the news was well received. Many of the lower classes saw the new laws as another un-deserved "privalige" stripped from the "well to do".
For some however, the proclamation was as if the church and their King was declaring war on them,.....
The BRIDE WARS were about to begin!
(PICTURED: The proclomation is well received by many. Here some of the guests at a tavern celebrate the news)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Church Proclamation?

(Left: The Prophet bearing the Latest Proclamation)

Queen Raechel and the Church Prophet were relaxing in the West Wing of the Royal Palace.
"It is so nice of you to visit Prophet, I do wish we could see more of you, other than just on Sundays".
"I also wish we could see more of The King and Your Majesty.
The Queen offered The Prophet a slice of Lamington.
"So what brings you from the Temple to the Palace"?
The Prophet placed the half eaten cake on it's plate down on the delicate table and leaned forward.
"Ma'am, I have had discussions with the Church Council, and sought guidance through pray on the matter of plural marriage. It is of the opinion of the Church; nay, I shall go further and stress, we are directed by our Heavenly Father that the practice is to cease".
The Queen shifted in her chair:
"Oh, I see. Have you spoken to the King of this"?
The Prophet sat back:
"Not yet Ma'am, I thought it best I speak with you on the matter before hand".
The Queen understood immediately where the Prophet was going with this:
"Hmmmm,.. I see. I suppose you think the King is more likely to receive this news more favorably from me"?
"I do believe that together the proposition will be better received if delivered from your mouth. Either way, in the end the will of our Heavenly Father must be obeyed".
The Queen rose from her seat:
"Please come walk with me Prophet", they both headed out towards the Memorial Garden. The Queen spoke as they walked:
"Politically this could cause issues for the King. The vast majority of the people will support this proposition, as the men of the poor and middle classes as a rule have, and can only afford, one wife. The Nobility however might be an issue. As you know, many have three or four wives".
The Prophet nodded in agreement:
"I understand Ma'am, but there is no room for compromise. As you are aware the Church has complete freedom to make it's own Proclamations. I bring this to you only as the support of the Crown on this matter will make the news more,.. urm, acceptable".
The Queen stopped and sat near the large Gum Tree that dominated the Garden:
"We will take the news to the King tomorrow then. Can you be here for lunch"?
"Yes Ma'am".
"Fine then, tomorrow at lunch then".