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MORMOAN CAVALRY: 1st Regiment; The Royal Dragoons

In this installment, we will look at the 1st Regiment; The Royal Dragoons“Princess Amanda’s Dragoons”
NAME: 1st Regiment,The Royal Dragoons, "Princess Amanda’s Dragoons”
Date Raised: 1 September 1701
MOTTO: "Culpam poena permit comes " (Punishment Follows Swiftly Your Crime)
Unofficial Motto: "We Shall Punish"
Nicknames:"The FONOs" (Friends Of No One), "Mighty Oaks"
Battle Honours: "Beaver Ridge", "The Hostile Wars" and "Port Philip 1728".
Brief History:
The first cavalry regiment to be raised by the Mormoans, the recruits were drawn initially from the Colony's Constabulary. As a result they proved to be singularly unpopular amongst the other Regiments and units of the Army, (Only ADMA proving to be more unpopular). First saw action at Beaver Ridge, where they inflicted heavy casualties on the French Colonists.
Regimental anecdotes and traditions: The Regiment's Honorary Colonel is Princess Amanda, the King's eldest daughter. The Princess, (who is also patron of the Kingdom's Police Force) adopted the Regiment as her own after they provided the escort for her first tour of the Kingdom as Princess in 1746, aged 16.
During the Battle of Beaver Ridge the General Officer Commanding the Army, General (later to be King Michael), Clements ordered the Regiment forward, saying to the Regiment's Colonel, "Are these trespassers to be held to no account? Have at them 1st Regiment"! The Regiment charged forward crying "Punish them"!
After the battle the Regiment camped near a large oak tree. To this day on the anniversary of the Battle Of Beaver Ridge the Regiment places oak leaves in their hats.
NOTE: The oak tree in question was quite significant, as oak trees are not native to New Wales. The Regiment gathered around the tree on the insistence of the Regimental Padre after the battle to pray and thank God for their victory. After the service the Regiment basically collapsed their from exhaustion and slept.

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