Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Assassin! Oh foul deeds,...

LOCATION: The Grand Duke's Hunting Estate, Gravellot.
DATE: June 5, 1746, 7.15AM
The sweat was running in torrents down the young boy's face; or was it tears.

The boy was running from the stables to the large Manor. Once there he would get help.
He bounded up the stairs two or three at a time;
"Help, HELP! The Grand Duke has been shot"!

Duchess Margaretta appeared at the top of the stairs:
"What is this you say? Calm yourself boy!! I can't understand a single word you say"!

"The Grand Duke Ma'am,... He he's been shot. Killed I think"!

"WHAT"! Captain, CAPTAIN of the Guard! Lady Sarah!! Quickly, get the guard"!
Lady Sarah ran off through the large doorway towards the stunned Duty Officer who was now standing near a small table. His chair now toppled over as he spang to his feet.

The Duchess grabbed the boy by the shoulders:
"Take me to him,..."

15 minutes later the Duchess and her small party of arrived at the stables on the edge of the wooded area surrounding the estate. She had with her Lady Sarah, Captian Chamberlain and 12 Troopers from the Grand Duke's Duty Squadron.
At the entrance of the stable lay sprawling the Grand Duke. A large wound in his chest was evident, and much blood lay sticky on the ground. He had also been shot in the head.
The Duchess was off her horse and kneeling beside him. The blood was soon all over her dress and hands. She took the Grand Dukes head in her hands and let out a searing scream!

"Peter, PETER! Dear God look what they have done! This is the work of your vile brother no doubt"!

Lady Sarah pulled the Duchess away:
"There is nothing you can do Ma'am. Please come away".

"BASTARDS!! Vile BASTARDS! They think they can get away with this. Captain, send a messanger to the Lords and High council of the Colony. I want them all at the Orange House tonight!

Captain Chamberlain spoke:
"But Ma'am, surely we should secure your safety first and get the Grand Duke back to the manor? I should send some of the men in pursuit of the assassin. He can't have got to far"!

"Don't argue with me you impudent dog!! I'll have you back in the ranks so fast it'll make you foolish head spin. Now send half the men to do as I say. I have my duty to perform. I must secure the government. I already know those responsible. I could care less about who pulled the trigger. I want those who ordered it done,..."!

One of the troopers was knelling beside the Grand Duke,..
"I think he's still alive"!
To Be Continued

Monday, November 9, 2009

Characters! Part 1

Above: General Zillmann (l) and King Phillip I (r)
Hi All
It's been a couple of months since I've been able to add to the blog.
Rest assured, I intend to keep it going.
In the meantime, here are some pictures of three of the characters from the HMKoNW
Below: King Phillip I in his regal robes

Below:General Zillmann

Below: Drummer Kane in the uniform of the Van Demon's Land Legion.

You can read more of Drummer Kane here.
Kane started his military service in the Clairmont Militia, until he transfered to "The Legion" in 1736. Was it better pay, the uniform, or a certain camp follower by the name of "Saucy Sally" that attracted him to "The Legion"?
The miniatures of The King and General Zillmann are from the OLD GLORY "Duelist" set that I received with my OG ARMY CARD membership.

Drummer Kane is from EUREKA MINIATURES.

I called Nic at Eureka and asked if he had in his extensive range of miniatures a negro drummer.
He didn't, but un-daunted he actually made "Kane" for me by using the body from his Provincial Regulars range and a head from one of his "Natives", (not sure on what specific range).
How's that for customer service!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Yarra Militia takes delivery of a New Colour!

Hi Folks
The CO of the Yarra Militia has just taken delivery of two; (count them; 2) new Regimental Colours.
In true Militia tradition he has asked the troops to vote on which "Colour" they want to carry.
Please cast your vote for either:
A) The RED flag,
B) The BLUE flag.
You can see the Regiment in question HERE!

(Vote by place in comment simply saying "BLUE" or "RED".

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Army Flags: Part Two (The Militia)

Where as the Royal Army has set regulations for it's Colours, the Militia has taken a very liberal approach to the procurement if it's flags.
Basically the design of the flags are approved by the Regimental CO, with final approval to come from the King. This is rarely done however, with the King often seeing a particular Militia Regiment's flag for the first time when either conducting an inspection or on the field of battle!
Militia Regiments carry only one flag, a "Regimental" or "Colonel's" Colour.
Flags are often designed by an individual from the regiment, (and sometimes the wife of the CO, RSM, 2IC etc). Occasionally they are a collective effort, such as the Clairmont Militia's Regimental Colour. Their colour was selected by vote after the CO ran a compitition. The Best design (as voted on by the Officers and RSM) would earn the budding "Artist" an extra seven rations of Rum!
Consequently some of the most bizarre and / or impressive flags belong to the Militia Regiments.
Example of some are below:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

War Clouds On The Horizon?

(Pictured: A repeated scene across the Kingdom. A man takes his wives to his Temple to declare his "Chosen" one)
Grand Duke Colin, General Zillmann and the King dismounted their horses near a small tavern. The mounted escort from Princess Hayley's Hussars moved to their usual positions around the trio; five troopers and one NCO each at the 4 cardinal points. The young officer, second in command dismounted with another five troopers and positioned themselves within close proximity to the King. The Major commanding the escort moved with the King.
They had just left a meeting with the Prophet and the Church Council at The Temple.

Only two days earlier the Prophet and Queen had had a lunch and meeting with the King, and there they had presented a Church Proclamation to the King. At that meeting it was decided that the King and his most trusted advisors would meet at greater length with the Prophet and entire Church Council.

The meeting had lasted for more than two hours, and now the small band were heading back to the Palace.
"The King and his party require some privacy"! barked the Major in command of the Escorting Troop

"Of course. Allow me to clear this table in the corner", stammered the Inn Keeper.

"We are not used to such regal visitors"

Tables were moved, chairs were replaced with better chairs.

"'Tis a great honour M'lard"!

General Zillmann was the first to speak:
"I suspect the proclamation will be readily accepted by most of the lower to middle class, but much of the nobility will not be happy Sire"

"I agree, but the Church will release the proclomation regardless of what I think. Hmmm, time to pick a side".
The King sipped his apple juice.
"I must be seen to support the Church. The noblility can choose between what is right, or what is conveinient. I shall set the example; which won't be too hard. My other wives, Lady Julie and Duchess Rachel are far away already. They are also well cared for".
"But what of the divorced wives, what becomes of them Sire"? General Zillmann's question was a good one.

"My good General, The Prophet said that they would remain the responsibility of their ex husbands"
The Grand Duke replied:
"The laws would and will need to make clear that even though the husband must choose only one wife, he would still be responsible for the divorced wife or wives until they were either re-married; or died".
General Zillmann made an observation:

"I can see that many men are not going to be to happy about supporting a woman that gives nothing in return.
There will be a lot of weddings for the newly divorced;... or a lot of funerals".

A week later the proclomation hit the streets:
The Prophet and King are compeled to make the following Holy Proclomation!
Our Heavenly Father has decreed, no man is to have more than one wife!
Any man with more than one wife is to present to their Shire or Provincial Temple with their wives and declare their chosen one.
The divorced wives will be cared for by their ex husbands until they are re-married.
Their welfare and safety will be the resonsibility of their previous husbands.
Children will remain in the care of their Birth mothers, unless they are voluntarily surrendered to their fathers.

Ex-wives may reside within their ex-husband's lodgings until re-married, but may not engage in "Relations".

Any person failing to comply with the proclomation will be deemed in violating the most holy institution of marriage and face severe punishment in this world, and judgment in the next!


More "legal" details were posted with the proclomation, but the thrust of what was now law wasn't lost on the masses.
For many, the news was well received. Many of the lower classes saw the new laws as another un-deserved "privalige" stripped from the "well to do".
For some however, the proclamation was as if the church and their King was declaring war on them,.....
The BRIDE WARS were about to begin!
(PICTURED: The proclomation is well received by many. Here some of the guests at a tavern celebrate the news)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Church Proclamation?

(Left: The Prophet bearing the Latest Proclamation)

Queen Raechel and the Church Prophet were relaxing in the West Wing of the Royal Palace.
"It is so nice of you to visit Prophet, I do wish we could see more of you, other than just on Sundays".
"I also wish we could see more of The King and Your Majesty.
The Queen offered The Prophet a slice of Lamington.
"So what brings you from the Temple to the Palace"?
The Prophet placed the half eaten cake on it's plate down on the delicate table and leaned forward.
"Ma'am, I have had discussions with the Church Council, and sought guidance through pray on the matter of plural marriage. It is of the opinion of the Church; nay, I shall go further and stress, we are directed by our Heavenly Father that the practice is to cease".
The Queen shifted in her chair:
"Oh, I see. Have you spoken to the King of this"?
The Prophet sat back:
"Not yet Ma'am, I thought it best I speak with you on the matter before hand".
The Queen understood immediately where the Prophet was going with this:
"Hmmmm,.. I see. I suppose you think the King is more likely to receive this news more favorably from me"?
"I do believe that together the proposition will be better received if delivered from your mouth. Either way, in the end the will of our Heavenly Father must be obeyed".
The Queen rose from her seat:
"Please come walk with me Prophet", they both headed out towards the Memorial Garden. The Queen spoke as they walked:
"Politically this could cause issues for the King. The vast majority of the people will support this proposition, as the men of the poor and middle classes as a rule have, and can only afford, one wife. The Nobility however might be an issue. As you know, many have three or four wives".
The Prophet nodded in agreement:
"I understand Ma'am, but there is no room for compromise. As you are aware the Church has complete freedom to make it's own Proclamations. I bring this to you only as the support of the Crown on this matter will make the news more,.. urm, acceptable".
The Queen stopped and sat near the large Gum Tree that dominated the Garden:
"We will take the news to the King tomorrow then. Can you be here for lunch"?
"Yes Ma'am".
"Fine then, tomorrow at lunch then".

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mormoan Militia: Part 1 (continued)

The Van Demon's Land Legion: Like many nations everywhere, The Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales authorized the raising of Militia units, (Regiments, Battalions, Legions etc) very early in their history. The unit we will look at today is the Van Demon Legion

NAME: The Van Demon's Land Legion
Date Raised:
21 March 1731

MOTTO: "Ready, Aye, Ready"
Unofficial Motto: "The Good Die Young".
Nicknames:"The Demons", "and “The Devil's Parrots"
Battle Honours: "Cadbury Hill 1733", "Launceston 1734", "Van Demon's Land Campaign" .
Brief History: In 1730 King Michael sent his Brother, Grand Duke Colin with 3000 subjects and 500 troops to establish a colony on a large Island south of the mainland called Van Demon's Land. This became known as The Grand Duchy of Van Demon's Land. The 500 troops Grand Duke took with him were predominantly men that had recently arrived from the “Old World” (the British Nth American colonies). These men, (and their families), were keen to prove their worth
. As we know, these men formed the Clairmont Militia

Grand Duke Colin soon realised that a second Regiment would be required, and proclaimed that "A body of fine young men is required to be raised to assist in the protection of the Island Colony of Van Demon's Land".

Consequently the Legion was raised from the sons of those men who were serving in the Clairmont Militia, (and had been to young to join at the time of that regiments formation), and young gentry who had sailed to Van Demon's Land several months later in search of land to make their own.

As a result the average age of the "Rank and File" was quite young, (only 18 years).

Also, there was initially a shortage of uniforms and weapons, so they had to initially drill with spears! Additionally the only coats they initially could get were made from green cloth and quite large, as they were originally meant for the Clairmont Militia, who rejected them in favour of their Brown uniforms.

When the unit drilled or performed "exercises" (manouvers) the soldiers were often mocked by the "old Hands" in the Clairmont Militia; "This island is to small for two Regiments, and you parrots are too small for our hand-me-down coats"!!!

This is why the "Parrots" are a Legion. Their CO, an young officer named Daniel Dunbar replied one morning whislt they drilled, "Those old farts are right, this island is indeed to small for another Regiment, but we are a Legion"!!!

Like the Clairmont Militia, This Regiment fought at relief of Fort Clairmont in 1735, where they supported the Clairmont Militia well, but as they didn't fire a single shot, this isn't a Battle Honour for them.

Regimental anecdotes and traditions:

The first time the Legion saw action was at Cadbury hill when they were marching with the Maiden Guard, but somewhat to the rear. When the Natives attacked the Adjutant of the Maiden Guard rode up to the Legion an exclaimed, "The Maiden's are engaging the natives, will the Legion be able to support us"?

Major Dunbar replied "Aye Ma'am, we are ready! The good die young"!

Drummers in the Legion wear "Reversed Colours" as seen below:

Monday, June 8, 2009

"COBBERS" The Fromelles Monument!

I just wanted to share a picture of a monument that really appeals to me. The statue is called "COBBERS" and is situated near the Shrine at Melbourne. My Regiment fired a 21 Gun Salute for the Queen's birthday at the Shrine last Saturday, (6 June 2009), and whilst there I took the oportunity, (like I always do when at the Shrine) to visit the "COBBERS".

19 July 1916 - 20 July 1916

Fromelles was the first major battle fought by Australian troops on the Western Front. Directed against a strong German position known as the Sugar Loaf salient, the attack was intended primarily as a feint to draw German troops away from the Somme offensive then being pursued further to the south. A seven-hour preparatory bombardment deprived the attack of any hope of surprise, and ultimately proved ineffective in subduing the well-entrenched defenders. When the troops of the 5th Australian and 61st British Divisions attacked at 6 pm on 19 July 1916, they suffered heavily at the hands of German machine-gunners. Small parts of the German trenches were captured by the 8th and 14th Australian Brigades, but, devoid of flanking support and subjected to fierce counter-attacks, they were forced to withdraw. By 8am on 20 July 1916, the battle was over. The 5th Australian Division suffered 5,533 casualties, rendering it incapable of offensive action for many months; the 61st British Division suffered 1,547. The German casualties were little more than 1,000. The attack was a complete failure as the Germans realised within a few hours it was merely a feint. It therefore had no impact whatsoever upon the progress of the Somme offensive.

Anyway, I think it's a fantastic monument to the Australian soldier. The picture was taken by some friend of our who are visiting from the US.That's me on the left.
Cheers for now.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

MORMOAN CAVALRY (cont.): 2nd Regiment, Princess Hayley's Hussars.

(Apologies for the quality of the picture of the Uniform, but you get a good idea of the colours. I will update the picture ASAP)

Today, we will look at the 2nd Regiment; “Princess Hayley’s Hussars”
NAME: 2nd Regiment, "Princess Hayley’s Hussars”
Date Raised: 18 September 1701
MOTTO: "Eager To Strike”
Unofficial Motto: None Known to date.
Nicknames:"The Chestnuts" and “The Parrots”
Battle Honours: "Beaver Ridge", "The Hostile Wars" and "Port Philip 1728".
Brief History:
This regiment of Hussar was the second cavalry regiment to be raised by the Mormoans. The Parliamentary decree that authorized their raising stated that “A Regiment of Hussars be raised to provide scouts for the standing Army, and Escorts for dignitaries’ as required”.

Most of the Troopers were recruited from the “Well To Do” families. They are mounted on Chestnut horses, except for the Buglers, who ride Grey’s. The Regiment First saw action at Beaver Ridge, where they inflicted significant casualties on the French Colonists during the pursuit.
Regimental anecdotes and traditions:

The Regiment earned their motto at Beaver Ridge where they were being held in reserve. When they saw the 1st Regiment being unleashed on the enemy many troopers were heard to cry out, “Is the 1st to have all the glory”?


Sire, we too are eager to strike your enemies”!

The Regiment's Honorary Colonel is Princess Hayley, the King's third daughter. Initially they were simply “The 2nd Regiment”, but when the nation became a Constitutional Monarchy they we’re renamed “The 2nd Regiment, Royal Hussars”. When the King’s third daughter attended at Review of the Cavalry in 1743 with her Grandfather, (then King) she commented that she thought the 2nd Regiment looked to be the best on parade.

Poppy, I do so like the look of the Hussars, they look like those Parrots we feed each morning” she is said to have commented. “I think that it’s only fair that if my big sister has the Dragoons as her Regiment, that the fellows on little horses should have her little sister as their Honorary Colonel. Don’t you think Poppy”?

King Michael agreed, and decreed on 27 September, (his grand-daughter’s birthday), that “From henceforth the 2nd Regiment will be known as Princess Hayley’s Hussars”!

Below we have a picture of the Regiments Guidon, (battle Flag),

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mormoan Militia (Part 1 continued)

The Clairmont Militia
Like many nations everywhere, The Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales authorized the raising of Militia units, (Regiments, Battalions, Legions etc) very early in their history. The unit we will look at today is the Clairmont Militia:
NAME: The Clairmont Militia
Date Raised:
8 January 1726

MOTTO: "PER ARDUA" (Through Adversity)
Unofficial Motto: "We Hail From Struggletown".
Nicknames:"The Black Swans", “ Rawling's Swans or "Kane's Geese"
Battle Honours: "Cadbury Hill 1733", "Launceston 1734", "Relief of Fort Clairmont 1735", "Van Demon's Land Campaign" and "Vinegar Hill1738".
Brief History: In 1730 King Michael sent his Brother, Grand Duke Colin with 3000 subjects and 500 troops to establish a colony on a large Island south of the mainland called Van Demon's Land. This became known as The Grand Duchy of Van Demon's Land. The 500 troops Grand Duke took with him were predominantly men that had recently arrived from the “Old World” (the British Nth American colonies). These men, (and their families), were keen to prove their worth

These colonists had endured great deprivations to arrive in New Wales. They left the North American colonies due to religious persecution, and had lost over a third of their number on rout due to attacks from French and Spanish "supported" pirates, and severe storms at sea.

Prior to their movement to Van Demon's Land the new colonists, (including some 178 retired Royal Army soldiers) formed a Militia Regiment under the command of one Joseph Rawlings, who had been a well to do farmer back in the American Colonies. Consequently he had the funds and inclination to raise a Militia Regiment of 500 muskets. Rawlings was smart enough to draw all his NCOs and many of his Officers from the 178 ex-regulars. Consequently his Regiment was one of the finest and best drilled Militia units in the service of the King.

Initially they called themselves "Rawling's Regiment of Foot", but after they arrived in Van Demon's Land on 6 February 1730, re-named themselves The Clairmont Militia after the settlement they established.

The Regiment fought particularly well at the relief of Fort Clairmont in 1735, where it was heavily engaged against musket and spear armed natives who were supporting two battalions of the "French Pacific Island Company" (FPIC).

Regimental anecdotes and traditions:

When the Regiment formed in 1726, one of the drummers was a negro boy named Kane, (he was a runaway slave who had been with the Regiment's RSM since fleeing from a Virginian plantation). Whilst on a training march the Regiment stopped near a small lake and observed some Black Swans. Never having seen swans other that the white variety, one of the Soldiers commented that "...them thar geese are as black as Kane".

Drummer Kane rallied the Regiment at Cadbury Hill in 1733, when despite serious wounds stepped forward of the firing line in full view of his faltering regiment and beat the tune "STAND TOO". Suitably inspired, the regiment repulsed the enemy's charged with a devastatling volley and the bayonet, when many thought the regiment was on the verge of breaking into rout. They drove their opposite numbers from the field of battle. The Senior Drummer of the Regiment is always a Black Drummer. Kane later transfered to the Van Demon's Land Legion as Senior Drummer and helped train the drummers in the new Battalion!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Time to Reflect

Hi All
A slight diversion from "goings On" in The HMKoNW.
Below are 4 photos taken by my wife on Black Saturday, (about two months ago), as the bushfires approached our little town of Broadford, (and our home). You can see the heat cloud building up to the southeast of our house, in the vicinity of another small community called Flowerdale. That small community was virtually destroyed,...
My family was evacuated not long after these photos were taken.
We got through un-harmed and with no damage.

Some Eye Candy

Hi all
Here are some pictures of work in progress, (near complete) of some New Wales Units.
I say "near complete, as I still need to add to the Militia their Colour (flag) and a bit more "ground scatter" to the bases.
First (above), we have two pictures of the now "Based" Raechel's Troop of the Maiden Guard. Below we have three pictures of the YARRA MILITIA, (or "Raggity Anns" as they have been nick-named). The miniatures are a mix of PERRY MINIATURES (AWI range), OLD GLORY (AWI), and EUREKA MINIATURES, ("Ragged Continentals"). I only wish I could paint well enough to do the figures justice. The PERRY and EUREKA figures are little works of art. OLD GLORY can be a bit "hit or miss" in my opinion.
Fortunatly for me, the OLD GLORY AWI Range of figures is one of their better lines.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bree's Battery

Unit Name: Bree's Battery, Royal Regiment Of New Wales Artillery
Date Raised: 10 Aug 1705
Motto: "Saint Barbara Is With Us"!
Unofficial Motto: "Saint Barbara's Vengeance Is Delivered By Us"! and "Beware the 7th"
Nicknames: "Barbara's Boys"
Battle Honours: Ubique (Everywhere)
Brief History: Initially raised as a Militia Artillery Unit in 1701 by a Elder (Clergyman) of the Mormoan Church, named Elder Thomas Rassmussen.
Most of the Gunners came from German (Saxon and Hessian) colonists, and their uniform is distinctly Saxon in appearance. Initially the Battery was equipped with eight 6 Pdr Guns, and was named "Saint Barbara's Battery". Elder Rassmussen announced at the Battery's formation parade:
"With these 6 Pounder Guns we will deliver the vengeance of Saint Barbara, our Patron Saint, upon those who dare desecrate this most holy of lands. Remember always my brave Gunners, that God, and Saint Barbara will be watching over you always"!
At the relief of Fort Clairmont in 1735 the battery fought so well they were permitted to become part of the Royal Regiment Of New Wales Artillery.
Princess Ashlie inspected the Battery in 1744. So impressed was she that she ask her Grand-father, King Michael to have the Battery renamed after her infant daughter, Princess Breeanna. The Old King granted the wish of his Grand-daughter, and since that day the Battery has been known as "Bree's Battery".
Today the Battery is very large by normal standards, having four (4) rather than the usual two (2) Troops of most Artillery Batterys. "A" and "B" Troops are each equipped with four (4), 6 Pdr Guns, but "C" and "D" troops each have four (4) 12 Pdrs. Recently "A" and "B" troops have been sent to serve in Reich Duke Wilhelm Von Beerstein's Army. The Battery fought in the following battles and campaigns:
Beaver Ridge, Hostile Wars, Port Phillip 1728, Cadbury Hill 1733, Launceston 1734, Fort Clairmont 1735, Van Demon's Land, and Vinegar Hill 1738.
The uniform is dark blue, (so as limit the appearance of the inevitable stains Gunner's have on their uniform), with Red waistcoats an breeches (representing the "Fire" of the Guns), with Black facings and turnbacks, (representing the "Smoke" from the Guns). Officers have gold trim on their hats, (not red like the enlisted men), and Gold Trim on their Cuffs. The Guns themselves are painted Pale Blue.
Like all Mormoan Artillery Regiments and Battery's, their Battle Honour is "Ubique".
Regimental Anecdotes and Traditions: At the Battle of Cadbury Hill in 1733 the Battery mistakenly fired on the 7th Foot, "Von Manstien's" who they believed to be a French Battalion, (see the link to the 7th Foot). Hence the Unofficial Motto "Beware The 7th

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Gift From The Republic!

(LEFT: The Grand Star Of the Order Of The Republic Of Neues Sudland)
King Phillip I was looking at the latest reports from Col Ann, detailing his "activities" on the border with Dr Tross and his Balloon. With him was Grand Duke Colin and General Zillmann.

General Zillmann looked up from one report:

"It appears there have been some skirmishing with some natives and some "whites", but the "whites" appear not to be RNS Army."

"Well who are they"? asked the Grand Duke.

"French I suspect" murmered the King, half wishing not to be heared.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and the Captain of the guard entered:
"Sire, we have just received this from our neighbours"
The King was presented with a large box. Inside was a rather impressive looking decoration:
"I say, rather flash"! gasped the King.
"Sire, the accompanying document reads as follows;" stated the Captain:
"It is the wish of the people and Government of the Republic Of Neues Sudland that you be made a grand Companion of the Republic Of Neues Sudland blah blah drone drone,........"

"Well aren't I the spoilt one". Commented the King.

"Indeed Sire". (The Captain felt the need to agree).

"Well, it's almost like a sign from God! I'm convinced the RNS isn't behind our troubles" The King turned and looked out of the large window in his study.
"Either our antogonists are domestic, or external to this continent. Lets see if we can't see who's been a busy Bee".
The King sat down and looked at the horses being readied for the afternoon hunt.
"General, prepare the following orders for COL Ann;....."


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Something's In The Air

King Phillip I, his uncle Grand Duke Colin and General Von Zillmann were bent over the desk, studying a diagram.
"So this thing will, erm; fly"? asked the young king.
The Grand Duke folded his arms and straightened up:
"Apparently so. All to do with "hot air rising" and such, so Dr Tross assures me".
King Phillip looked up:
"And Dr Tross will be able to construct this, what did he call it,..."
"A Balloon Phillip". The Grand Duke was quite informal with the King, his nephew.
"Ah yes; Balloon".
The King directed the next question to the General:
"So Colonel Ann will escort Dr Tross, and the engineers to Wodongatown, build a stockade, and then from within develop all the where-with-all to have this balloon launched so as to provide a "birds eye view" into Alburburg".
General Von Zillmann snapped his heels together:
"That is the plan Sire. We believe that is where the Raiders from the RNS concentrate and launch their raids from. We believe the Raiders are actualy the 4th Dragoons"
The King moved away from the desk and diagram and plans of the strange flying machine. The others followed.
They listened as he began again:
"These cross border raids must stop. I trust this contraption will give us the early warning we need to enable us to intercept any future raids before too much harm can be done. I'm confident the Yarra Militia and a troop from Bree's Battery should be a sufficient force to defend the works"
General Von Zillmann added:
"Ja Sire, and the 4th Foot and the Royal Dragoons can intercept any raids nearby".
The King stopped and turned to face his Uncle and the General.
"Well done Gentlemen! When did Colonel Ann's column depart"?
The Grand Duke answered:
"Last week. They should almost be at Wodongatown now".
King Phillip I smiled:
"And Lady Hugankiss should soon be arriving in the RNS Capital..."


Monday, March 2, 2009

Who's Who in New Wales

To assist the reader, here is a list of "Who is Who" (or Who is Was), in the Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales.
The main "Characters" are as follows:

John Smyth-
Clements: Founder of the Mormoan Religion, and "Founding Father" of the colony of New Wales.

Uehorn and Iracow natives (Nth American Indians): American Natives that have been "Mormoanized". Mormoans believed the native Americans to be a long lost Israelite Tribe. Approximately 1000 of these Native Americans landed in New Wales with the First Fleet!

Michael Clements (King): Seized sole power in a coup during a sitting of the Mormoan Parliament, and proclaimed "First Consul". In 1728, after defeating a large Franco-Spanish Army at the Battle of Port Phillip, he was proclaimed the 1st King of New Wales. Abdicated in favour of Prince Phillip, (due to poor health). Still popular, (though behaves rather odd at times). Favorite pastime is Boxing!

Queen Janet of Dudley: 1st, (and most popular wife) of King Michael. Mother of Princess Kim, Prince Peter (Later Grand Duke), and Prince Phillip (Later King). Later became Queen Mother. Loved by the People. Most Popular Royal by far!

Duchess Judith of Campbell, (known as the "Bloody Duchess"): Second wife of King Michael. Became known as "The Bloody Duchess" after she lead a purge of the Royal Court during a 2 month Regency when King Michael was very ill. Unpopular with the people. Cunning as a fox that went to "Cunning College". Mother of Prince Matthew, Prince Simon, Princess Emma. Not at all happy to see King Phillip I on the thrown!

Grand Duke Colin: Elder Brother of King Michael. Grand Duke Colin established a colony on a large Island south of the mainland called Van Demon's Land. This became known as The Grand Duchy of Van Demon's Land. Involved with the Parliament as Minister for The Navy and Science.


Born: 29 July 1695. A descendant of John Smyth-Clements, (The House Of Clements).

Proclaimed KING: 13 Nov 1745.

1st Wife: Lady Juliet of Lakelands.

2nd Wife: Duchess Rachel of Raaf.

3rd Wife: Lady, (now Queen and elevated to Prima Wife), Queen Raechel of Harre-Edwards

Children: Princess Amanda, Princess Ashlie (wife1)/ Princess Hayley (wife2) // Princess Mathilda (Prima Wife).

After a very active childhood spent playing much sport he entered the Army. After his 4 years of study at Adfaburg Duntroon Military Academy he entered the Royal Foot Guards Grenadiers as a Company commander at the tender age of 26. He was appointed Commander of the Household Brigade 18 months later. At the Battle of Fort Clairmont he personally led the "Light" Battalion of the Royal Foot Guards as they attacked the French line by charging from the woods on the enemy's left flank. He seized the fallen colour of the "Guard Francis", (decorated with Fleur-de-lys), as the 4th Regiment of Foot put them to flight. Later he led his Brigade with distinction at Launceston in 1734; personally taking the surrender of the Spanish Regiment "Fleur De Lys". Given command of the Army Reserve Brigade at the Battle of Vinegar Hill in1738, his well timed attack secured victory for his father, King Michael. These three actions became known as "Phillip's plucking of the Lilly's of the Field" (or "Fleur De Lys"). A popular King, devoted to his people.

Lady Juliet of Lakelands: 1st wife of King Phillip I. Suffers from bouts of "The Madness". Live in Exile at the Southern tip of Van Demon's Land. Mother of the very popular Princess Amanda. Addicted to the "China drug".

Duchess Rachel of Raaf: 2nd wife of King Phillip I. Mother of the young Princess Hayley. Stays out of the "lime light". Keeps herself busy with shopping for the latest fashions and sitting in Beauty Parlors. Devoted mother to the young Princess.

Queen Raechel of Harre-Edwards (now elevated to Prima Wife) :Renowned for her Beauty. Extremely popular with the people. Her influence allowed "non-converted" (ie: Christians of the Catholic or Protestant denominations), to hold seat within Parliament. Born of Noble birth, from a Saxon family that came to New Wales with the First Fleet. Devoted wife of King Phillip I, and mother of the Infant Princess Mathilda.

Princess Amanda: Eldest daughter of King Phillip. The Royal Dragoon Regiment's Honorary Colonel. Has also been involved in diplomatic missions "Off Shore". A bit of a "Wild Child", she like the excitement of the hunt, accompanying the Royal Dragoons and Constabulary Force on pursuits of renegade natives, criminal elements and "raiders".

Princess Ashlie: Second daughter of the King. Married a Lord Jeremy, Marquise Of Hervey, the Minister for Construction. She is a devoted mother to two young daughters.

Princess Hayley: The third daughter of King Phillip I, (from his 2nd wife). Often seen at the King's side during military parades and inspections, dressed as an Officer of the Maiden Guard, (even though she's not yet in her teens). Quite a character, she often teases General Von Zillmann. A favorite of the Maiden and Royal Guards.

Princess Mathilda: Infant daughter of the King by the Prima Wife, Queen Raechel.

General Von Zillmann: The General is one of only a handful of high ranking officers that had risen from the ranks. Started as a soldier in the 7th Regiment of Foot. Eventually was the RSM of the 7th. Contributed greatly to the Kingdom's victory at the battle of Port Phillip. Currently Minister for War. One of the closest adviser to the King. Very popular with the army.

Grand Duke Peter: King Phillip's older Brother. Compelled to relinquished the thrown to his younger brother due to marriage to a Catholic, The Duchess Margaretta. Consequently he holds the title of Grand Duke of Van Demon's Land. He is very popular with the "demonlanders".

Duchess Margaretta: A Dutch Catholic from a wealthy family, and Wife of Grand Duke Peter. She believes Peter should be King. Openly dislikes Queen Raechel.

Lady Sarah O'Connars: Disgraced former Officer of the King's Maiden Guard. Now Lady In Waiting to Duchess Margaretta. Dismissed from the Maiden Guard for "An Inappropriate Relationship" with one Colonel Eboneza Ann.

Colonel Eboneza Ann: Son of a Sheep Grazier, he started is military career as an officer in the Yarra Militia. Though he is a competent officer, he is currently on "the wrong side" of the King due to an "indiscretion" with an officer of the Maiden Guard, (see notes on Lady Sarah O'Connars above).

Princess Royal, Kim Margret: First born child of old King Michael. Contributes little except for organizing the most outrageous parties in the Kingdom. Very popular at court and with the natives. Unmarried and uninterested in men, (apparently).

I hope this helps the reader.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wagons Roll

The Column trudged its way along the dirt road, (if you could call it a road), leaving a substantial dust cloud behind it.
Wagons, civilians on foot and horseback, natives trackers and a few Iracow Indian auxiliary, and the only elements that added a military appearance to it, three Company's of soldiers from the 4th Regiment of Foot's 1st Battalion and a Troop of 4Pdr Guns from Bree's Battery. Except for the lack of any children, the column had all the apperance of a settler's train.
Ahead of the column road two Troops from the 1st "Royal" Dragoons, and following up marched the two "Flank" Company's of the 4th with the Regiments Colours. Scattered along the line of march were the Yarra Militia in Platoon "lots"; their "march discipline" not as strong as the 4th's or the Gunners.
In the Militia ranks marched Gary White. He'd been with the "colours" for only about a year. This was his first time away from his home town on Craigieburn.
"Sarge, can ya explain to me's again what we're do'in ere"?
"Aw for Gawd's sake lad, I's is already told ya twice now", Sergeant Grubbs exasperation was not well hidden.
SGT Grubbs had been with the Yarra Militia for just over 10 years, he was a veteran of Vinegar Hill, and he had the scares to prove it.
"I'll tell's ya all I know for the last time. We's are going up to Wodongatow help the Ginger Beers build a bloody stockade to bloody look across a bloody river at them bloody Sudlanders".
Pte White pleaded with the old NCO;
"But I don't know how to build a stockade!"
The Sergeant snapped:
"You Bloody Twit, we won't build it, the Bloody Engineers will"!


At the head of the Column rode Colonel Ann.
"You know Corporal Blunt, this "road" makes a rather poor track".
"Indeed Sir" agreed the Corporal.
Colonel Ann wasn't to happy about the mission he was given.
"So here I am, covered in dust and sweat from head to toe, just so the King has a fort built on the border and Doctor Alba Tross can buid a large furnace, for what reason I know not"
The Corporal took his que:
"Tough job Sir, tough job indeed"
The Colonel continued:
"And WHY did I get this Job? All because of a slight indiscretion with an officer of the Maiden Guard! Anyone would think I shagged the entire Regiment!"
"Tough Job Sir, tough job".
Colonel Ann agreed; and the column truged on through the dust and the heat,...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sir Rolf Is Back!

"Sire, Sir Rolf is back".
It was the Chamber butler again.
"Really. Do show him in".
Within moments Sir Rolf was before the King.
"What's that you have Sir Rolf"?
"Well Sire, I thought I'd touch up the official portrait of Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein. Since the presentation of The Holy Order Of Mormoani I thought it only appropriate that the portrait receive a touch up".
The King took a closer look at the impressively framed likeness of the Reich Duke.
"Ahhhh, very clever! BRAVO! Smyth; send a copy to the Reich duke"!
The Chamber butler snapped his heels together.
"Consider it done you Majesty".
The King returned to a pile of documents and maps on his desk.
"Well done Rolf, now I must get back to work,...".

Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing Queen Raechel Of New Wales

"Sire, the Official Royal Portrait Artist, Sir Rolf Harriss has arrived with the Queen's Portrait".
"Golly Good! Send him in there is a good fellow".
The Chamber butler departed and was back within minutes with Sir Rolf.
"Ah, Sir Rolf, good to see you again. Well, let's have a look at her".
The two assistants placed the large painting on a lounge and unveiled the work
"I say, fantastic likeness Rolf old boy".
"Mien Gott, rather "informal" don't you think your Majesty"?
General Von Zillmann obviously was taken aback by the casual pose of the Queen.
"Well Sire, you did say you wanted to have a "relaxed" look about her Majesty".
countered Sir Rolf.
"If I may say so my King, she does look a lot like Queen Maria Auguste of the Republic of Bestonia".
"Ya Mien King, I've seen a portrait of her. A Saxon girl".
The King leaned back on his desk:
"They might be related. Raechel is of Saxon Nobility you know".
General Von Zillman took a seat:
"Ja mien King, I know".
King Phillip stepped forward and grasped Sir Rolfs hand:
"I Like It"!
King Phillip was pleased.
"After it's done the rounds have it hung at the Palace. In my study I think".
"Of course your Majesty".
And with that the portrait of Queen Raechel, (and a few copies) , were sent off for the viewing pleasure of her Subjects and foreign dignitaries.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Off To See The Elephant; (with Drums)"?

Drum Major Bond Scott (late of Princess Amanda's Dragoons), leads the Changing of The Maiden Guard at Broadford Gardens. Mounted on his Drum Horse Ned, they trot pass the Regimental Colour of the Maiden Guard, and the reviewing Officer, King Phillip I and General Von Zillmann.
At the Conclusion of the March Pass, Drum Major Scott is permitted to address the Guard:
"I now depart for Tradgardland. I will now beat my Kettle Drums to another tune, but know my heart beats for God, King Phillip and New Wales! God Save The King"!
"HUZZAH"!!! bellows from the Guard.

King Phillip now gives some final words of instruction and advice to the Drum Major before sending him on his way.
"Do your King and country proud Drum Major! In your baggage you will find the Holy Order Of Mormoani for Duke Karl Frederick. Hand it to our Ambassador, the Earl of Bradbury, Sir Olaf Myfriendsagay. Tell him from me he is to present it to the Duke".
With that, the Drum Major departs, like some young lad of to the circus; "to see the elephant".

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Royal Foot Guards: Senior Battalions

Let's now look at the two most senior Battalions of the Royal Foot Guards. There are two Battalions in the Royal Foot Guards, (each of 600 men); and a Regimental HQ of another 120.
Royal Foot Guard (Grenadiers and Carabiners Battalions)
Date Raised: 16 September 1729
MOTTO: Grenadiers: "Facta Non Verba" (Deeds not words)
MOTTO: Carabiners: "Hosti Acie Nomonati" (Named by Our Enemies)
Unofficial Motto: "Soldier On"! (Both Battalions)
Nicknames:"Die Hards" (Both Battalions)
"Snowflakes" (Grenadiers).
"Jolly Green Giants" (Carabiniers)
Battle Honours: "Fort Clairmont", "Van Demon's Land Campaign" and "Vinegar Hill1738" .
Brief History: By Royal decree King Micheal I ordered the raising of a Regiment of Foot Guards. He chose the birthday of his eldest son (Prince Peter) to be the date the Regiment was to be raised. He also decreed that the Regiment would consist of initially two Battalion, one of Grenadiers, and the other a "Light" Battalion. The 1st battalion became the Royal Foot Grenadiers, and the 2nd battalion was the Royal Light Infantry. Both battalions were to wear the distinctive "Koala Bearskin Bonnets" and new "Bicorn Hats", ( the Koala Bearskins with silver front plates bearing a "Grenade" badge). Oddly, both Battalions have "Grenadier" and "Rifle" (Light Infantry) Company's. The Grenadier's wear the Koala Bearskins and the "Lights" wear Bicorn hats. The "Lights" in each battalion also replace the "Grenade" badges on their coat-tails with "Hunting Horn" badges. The "Lights" are called Rifle Company's in both Battalions.
So, in summary in the the GRENADIER battalion you have 300 Grenadiers and 300 Rifles. In the CARABINER battalion you have 300 Carabiners and 300 Rifles. Each battalion has six company's, with 100 men in each company, (obviously).
The Battalions are made up with veterans from other Regiments, and are paid 50% more than any other soldier. They have a rank system "one higher" than the rest of the Royal Army: for example, a Corporal in the Royal Foot Guard is equivalent to a Sergeant in any other Regiment.
To qualify for selection in the Royal Foot Guards a candidate must have served in at least two campaigns with another regiment of the Royal Army, (note: NOT Militia); and must have a letter of recommendation from their original Regiments Commanding Officer. Even then, only 20% of applicants are excepted into the Guard. This is due to a stringent selection course all applicants must go through. Officers cannot purchase a commission into the Royal Foot Guard. Officers are "invited" to apply for entry into the Guard by either the Minister For War, or the King!
They must be six (6') feet tall for the Grenadier Battalion, or five foot eight inches (5.8') for the Light Battalion. The Light Battalion was renamed "The Royal Foot Guard Carabiners" in 1739.

Regimental anecdotes and traditions:
The Carabiners were named thus after an incident during the Battle of Fort Clairmont. When the "Light" Battalion attacked the French line by charging from the woods on the enemy's left flank a cry came up from the enemy ranks, "Look France, The Mormoan's attack with Carabiners"! This also explains the Carabiners Motto, "Named by Our Enemies".
At the completion of the Battle of Vinegar Hill in 1738 the Battalions had taken frightful losses from enemy artillery fire as they held the right flank. The Battery Sergeant Major of the Guard Artillery who was posted just in front of the Foot Guards yelled to the Guardsmen behind him to "Die Hard the Guard"! After the battle King Micheal inspected both Battalions on the battlefield. Looking at their depleted ranks he calmly turned to the Guardsmen and said "Soldier On my Guard; Soldier on,...".
Of the 1200 Guardsmen from both battalions, over 350 lay dead or wounded.