Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wagons Roll

The Column trudged its way along the dirt road, (if you could call it a road), leaving a substantial dust cloud behind it.
Wagons, civilians on foot and horseback, natives trackers and a few Iracow Indian auxiliary, and the only elements that added a military appearance to it, three Company's of soldiers from the 4th Regiment of Foot's 1st Battalion and a Troop of 4Pdr Guns from Bree's Battery. Except for the lack of any children, the column had all the apperance of a settler's train.
Ahead of the column road two Troops from the 1st "Royal" Dragoons, and following up marched the two "Flank" Company's of the 4th with the Regiments Colours. Scattered along the line of march were the Yarra Militia in Platoon "lots"; their "march discipline" not as strong as the 4th's or the Gunners.
In the Militia ranks marched Gary White. He'd been with the "colours" for only about a year. This was his first time away from his home town on Craigieburn.
"Sarge, can ya explain to me's again what we're do'in ere"?
"Aw for Gawd's sake lad, I's is already told ya twice now", Sergeant Grubbs exasperation was not well hidden.
SGT Grubbs had been with the Yarra Militia for just over 10 years, he was a veteran of Vinegar Hill, and he had the scares to prove it.
"I'll tell's ya all I know for the last time. We's are going up to Wodongatow help the Ginger Beers build a bloody stockade to bloody look across a bloody river at them bloody Sudlanders".
Pte White pleaded with the old NCO;
"But I don't know how to build a stockade!"
The Sergeant snapped:
"You Bloody Twit, we won't build it, the Bloody Engineers will"!


At the head of the Column rode Colonel Ann.
"You know Corporal Blunt, this "road" makes a rather poor track".
"Indeed Sir" agreed the Corporal.
Colonel Ann wasn't to happy about the mission he was given.
"So here I am, covered in dust and sweat from head to toe, just so the King has a fort built on the border and Doctor Alba Tross can buid a large furnace, for what reason I know not"
The Corporal took his que:
"Tough job Sir, tough job indeed"
The Colonel continued:
"And WHY did I get this Job? All because of a slight indiscretion with an officer of the Maiden Guard! Anyone would think I shagged the entire Regiment!"
"Tough Job Sir, tough job".
Colonel Ann agreed; and the column truged on through the dust and the heat,...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sir Rolf Is Back!

"Sire, Sir Rolf is back".
It was the Chamber butler again.
"Really. Do show him in".
Within moments Sir Rolf was before the King.
"What's that you have Sir Rolf"?
"Well Sire, I thought I'd touch up the official portrait of Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein. Since the presentation of The Holy Order Of Mormoani I thought it only appropriate that the portrait receive a touch up".
The King took a closer look at the impressively framed likeness of the Reich Duke.
"Ahhhh, very clever! BRAVO! Smyth; send a copy to the Reich duke"!
The Chamber butler snapped his heels together.
"Consider it done you Majesty".
The King returned to a pile of documents and maps on his desk.
"Well done Rolf, now I must get back to work,...".

Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing Queen Raechel Of New Wales

"Sire, the Official Royal Portrait Artist, Sir Rolf Harriss has arrived with the Queen's Portrait".
"Golly Good! Send him in there is a good fellow".
The Chamber butler departed and was back within minutes with Sir Rolf.
"Ah, Sir Rolf, good to see you again. Well, let's have a look at her".
The two assistants placed the large painting on a lounge and unveiled the work
"I say, fantastic likeness Rolf old boy".
"Mien Gott, rather "informal" don't you think your Majesty"?
General Von Zillmann obviously was taken aback by the casual pose of the Queen.
"Well Sire, you did say you wanted to have a "relaxed" look about her Majesty".
countered Sir Rolf.
"If I may say so my King, she does look a lot like Queen Maria Auguste of the Republic of Bestonia".
"Ya Mien King, I've seen a portrait of her. A Saxon girl".
The King leaned back on his desk:
"They might be related. Raechel is of Saxon Nobility you know".
General Von Zillman took a seat:
"Ja mien King, I know".
King Phillip stepped forward and grasped Sir Rolfs hand:
"I Like It"!
King Phillip was pleased.
"After it's done the rounds have it hung at the Palace. In my study I think".
"Of course your Majesty".
And with that the portrait of Queen Raechel, (and a few copies) , were sent off for the viewing pleasure of her Subjects and foreign dignitaries.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Off To See The Elephant; (with Drums)"?

Drum Major Bond Scott (late of Princess Amanda's Dragoons), leads the Changing of The Maiden Guard at Broadford Gardens. Mounted on his Drum Horse Ned, they trot pass the Regimental Colour of the Maiden Guard, and the reviewing Officer, King Phillip I and General Von Zillmann.
At the Conclusion of the March Pass, Drum Major Scott is permitted to address the Guard:
"I now depart for Tradgardland. I will now beat my Kettle Drums to another tune, but know my heart beats for God, King Phillip and New Wales! God Save The King"!
"HUZZAH"!!! bellows from the Guard.

King Phillip now gives some final words of instruction and advice to the Drum Major before sending him on his way.
"Do your King and country proud Drum Major! In your baggage you will find the Holy Order Of Mormoani for Duke Karl Frederick. Hand it to our Ambassador, the Earl of Bradbury, Sir Olaf Myfriendsagay. Tell him from me he is to present it to the Duke".
With that, the Drum Major departs, like some young lad of to the circus; "to see the elephant".

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Royal Foot Guards: Senior Battalions

Let's now look at the two most senior Battalions of the Royal Foot Guards. There are two Battalions in the Royal Foot Guards, (each of 600 men); and a Regimental HQ of another 120.
Royal Foot Guard (Grenadiers and Carabiners Battalions)
Date Raised: 16 September 1729
MOTTO: Grenadiers: "Facta Non Verba" (Deeds not words)
MOTTO: Carabiners: "Hosti Acie Nomonati" (Named by Our Enemies)
Unofficial Motto: "Soldier On"! (Both Battalions)
Nicknames:"Die Hards" (Both Battalions)
"Snowflakes" (Grenadiers).
"Jolly Green Giants" (Carabiniers)
Battle Honours: "Fort Clairmont", "Van Demon's Land Campaign" and "Vinegar Hill1738" .
Brief History: By Royal decree King Micheal I ordered the raising of a Regiment of Foot Guards. He chose the birthday of his eldest son (Prince Peter) to be the date the Regiment was to be raised. He also decreed that the Regiment would consist of initially two Battalion, one of Grenadiers, and the other a "Light" Battalion. The 1st battalion became the Royal Foot Grenadiers, and the 2nd battalion was the Royal Light Infantry. Both battalions were to wear the distinctive "Koala Bearskin Bonnets" and new "Bicorn Hats", ( the Koala Bearskins with silver front plates bearing a "Grenade" badge). Oddly, both Battalions have "Grenadier" and "Rifle" (Light Infantry) Company's. The Grenadier's wear the Koala Bearskins and the "Lights" wear Bicorn hats. The "Lights" in each battalion also replace the "Grenade" badges on their coat-tails with "Hunting Horn" badges. The "Lights" are called Rifle Company's in both Battalions.
So, in summary in the the GRENADIER battalion you have 300 Grenadiers and 300 Rifles. In the CARABINER battalion you have 300 Carabiners and 300 Rifles. Each battalion has six company's, with 100 men in each company, (obviously).
The Battalions are made up with veterans from other Regiments, and are paid 50% more than any other soldier. They have a rank system "one higher" than the rest of the Royal Army: for example, a Corporal in the Royal Foot Guard is equivalent to a Sergeant in any other Regiment.
To qualify for selection in the Royal Foot Guards a candidate must have served in at least two campaigns with another regiment of the Royal Army, (note: NOT Militia); and must have a letter of recommendation from their original Regiments Commanding Officer. Even then, only 20% of applicants are excepted into the Guard. This is due to a stringent selection course all applicants must go through. Officers cannot purchase a commission into the Royal Foot Guard. Officers are "invited" to apply for entry into the Guard by either the Minister For War, or the King!
They must be six (6') feet tall for the Grenadier Battalion, or five foot eight inches (5.8') for the Light Battalion. The Light Battalion was renamed "The Royal Foot Guard Carabiners" in 1739.

Regimental anecdotes and traditions:
The Carabiners were named thus after an incident during the Battle of Fort Clairmont. When the "Light" Battalion attacked the French line by charging from the woods on the enemy's left flank a cry came up from the enemy ranks, "Look France, The Mormoan's attack with Carabiners"! This also explains the Carabiners Motto, "Named by Our Enemies".
At the completion of the Battle of Vinegar Hill in 1738 the Battalions had taken frightful losses from enemy artillery fire as they held the right flank. The Battery Sergeant Major of the Guard Artillery who was posted just in front of the Foot Guards yelled to the Guardsmen behind him to "Die Hard the Guard"! After the battle King Micheal inspected both Battalions on the battlefield. Looking at their depleted ranks he calmly turned to the Guardsmen and said "Soldier On my Guard; Soldier on,...".
Of the 1200 Guardsmen from both battalions, over 350 lay dead or wounded.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Plot Thickens!

PICTURED: Lady Sarah O'Connars
Location: The Duchess' Retreat "Orange House", Van Demons Land
Date: February 20, 1746, 8pm.
Duchess Margaretta is pacing back and forward in the "Dutch Room" of her private cottage, "The Orange House". The "not so small" residence was a wedding present given to her by Grand Duke Peter. Somewhere for her to relax away from their official residence. It even had a small Catholic Chapel at rear for the Duchess to maintain her "Catholic rituals".
Standing rather nervously within the 'Dutch Room" was one of her new Ladies In Waiting, Sarah O'Connars.

The Duchess spoke:
"So prior to your arrival yesterday, you were once an officer in the Maiden Guard I understand"?

"Yes Highness, for 8 years".

"And now you're not. I've heard stories, but I'd like to hear from you; why is it so"?

Sarah blushed deep red:
"Well, I umm; err, how can I put this. Let's just say I was caught in a compromising position with Colonel Ann of the Militia. As you might be aware Ma'am, only virgins can serve in the Maiden Guard"

The Duchess smiled.
"Oh dear, a young officer of the King's Maiden Guard, deflowered by a Militia Colonel. I bet that didn't go down to well with the King".

"Not at all your Highness. I think the Young King is not really all that taken with the Guard ; and even less with any Maidens or Officers that he thinks might behave in anyway that could be looked upon as unprofessional"

"Young King"?

"Yes Ma'am. King Phillip is called "The Young King" by the Guard. We, I mean the Maiden Guard refer to his father as "The Old" King".

The Duchess turned her smile into a frown:
"Oh deary me. And I suppose the "Young" King is not all that near and dear to your heart anymore. A promising military career destroyed all because you, a young and impressionable junior officer was taken advantage of by some smelly, dirty old Militia officer"

"That is why I chose to come to Your court Ma'am".

"I assume you're good with a pistol?" asked the Duchess.

"Yes Ma'am. May I ask why you wish to know"?

"Oh, just interested in what training you've had". The Duchess drapped herself over a large couch:
"The Maiden Guard fascinates me. No fatties allowed in the Guard I understand"?

"No Ma'am, the heavy girls are placed in the Training Squadron. There was talk of raising a squadron of female Dragoons to become part of the Guard eventually, but I'm not sure the Young King is altogether keen on the idea. I know the Old King was".

The Duchess sat up:

"You know, I've discussed your situation with my husband the Grand Duke. He tells my he thinks you're the victim. He told me if he was king, as his Queen he'd hand the responsibility of the management of the Maiden Guard over to me"

"Wise move Ma'am" Sarah looked seriously at the Duchess.

Margaretta continued:
"Oh yes, The Grand Duke is very wise. He thinks it's only appropriate that the Queen should deal with all matter pertaining to the Guard. He'd make sure Colonel Ann was cashiered and I would make sure you were reinstated in the Guard as a Major, maybe even Lt Colonel; maybe even command of an expanded Maiden Legion"!

She reclined once more, and let out a deep sigh:
"Alas, Peter is not King however, and more importantly; I am not Queen. If only some accident would befall Phillip. Oh dear, I sound awful don't I? Oh Lord forgive me"!

Sarah chimed in:
"Not at all Ma'am, you only want what's best for your husband, and country; of course"

"Why of course" agreed the Duchess.

"You know, maybe there is a way that we could all benefit from having someone of your redoubtably talents here"

Sarah took it upon herself to take a seat:
"I'm at your service my Queen; oh, I mean Duchess".

Margaretta smiled:
"Queen does sounds better, does it not"?.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Wise Men, (and a Lady)!

PICTURED at left: The Holy Order of Mormoani.

King Phillip I sat on his Throne as Lord Melbourne spoke.
Sire, the Ambassadors are awaiting your final instructions
Ah yes; best get them in here Melbourne”.
Right away Sire. Send in the Ambassador’s to Tragardland, Neues Sudland and the Reich Duchy of Beerstein”!
The large wooden doors swung open and the three nobles started in. Sir Olaf Myfriendsagay, the Earl of Bradbury, Lady Amanda Hugankiss and Viscount Kingswood entered the King’s Thrown Room. They took their positions before the King.
I’m sure it goes without saying that I expect you all to do your utmost to present our Kingdom in the best possible light. You will have accompanying you trade delegates from our wool industry and Wheat farmers”.
The three nobles received their letters of introduction from Lord Melbourne. “Sir Olaf, I’m sending you to Tragardland for obvious reasons. I know your family hail from that part of the world, so I’m hopeful you’ll have some connections there that will be of some use to us”.
Sire, My cousin Belkie is very excited about meeting me
The King’s attention turned to Lady Hugankiss
I’m hopeful that the People of Neuse Sudland will already be familiar with you my Lady, due to your family’s Brewery. HUGANKISS DRAUGHT is consumed in large quantities in the Republic I’m told
Sire”, the lady blushed
My accountant assures me it is”.
Finally, Viscount Kingswood; when you meet with Reich Duke Wilhelm, please pass on this”.
The King handed Kingswood a wooden box lined with a rich red silk, with gold hinges.
Inside you will find the Holy Order of Mormoani. I have decreed that Reich Duke Wilhelm is now a Companion of the Order”.
Sire, a great honour indeed. I’m sure that Reich Duke Wilhelm will be ecstatic”!
The King reclined back in his throne.
Good luck and safe travels. I expect to hear that you have been well received”.
The three nobles bowed and departed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Dear Duchess,..."

Location: The Residence of Grand Duke Peter, Van Demons Land.

Date: 17 February 1746.

The messenger dismounted from his horse before it had even stopped. “A letter for the Duchess, stand aside; a letter for the Duchess”. He bounded up the stairs and passes the guards; his uniform marked him as a Royal Courier. Into the Grand Dukes residence, and into the Ante Room, he was finally stopped by the Sergeant of The Guard. Being a Royal Courier will only get you so far.

A message for the Duchess Sergeant”!

I’ll take that, thank you”.

The Sergeant now passes the letter to the Officer of the watch. Normally all mail goes to the Grand Duke, but as usual in the morning he’s out hunting Tiger-dogs. The Officer hands the letter to Duchess Margaretta’s hand Maiden who promptly delivers the letter.

Your Highness, a letter from Duchess Judith”. (See picture)

Margaretta plucks the letter from the silver tray.

What does that hag think she’s doing writing to me”?

Dated 20 November 1745

Bradbury Manor.

Dearest Margaretta I write to you to express my concerns pertaining to the recent coronation of Phillip. As you are aware I’ve never been overly fond of Phillip, and for good reason. He has never shown me the respect that I deserve as one of the wives of his Father, King Michael. The truth of the matter is he’s been down right disrespectful of me. But that is of little concern.

Of much greater concern is his mental instability. I’m sure I’m not the only person who is aware his erratic behavior. Your Peter on the other hand is a much better choice as rightful King. He is the eldest after all.

As for your religious views; what concerns are they really? Is not our God the One uniting God? Besides, I’m sure such a powerful man such as Peter could not be unduly influence by such a dainty lady as yourself anyway.

God willing, the situation will rectify it’s self, and before too long Peter will take his rightful place as King, with you as his radiant Queen.

Wouldn’t that put that upstart Raechel in her place?

Peter’s assent to the thrown would however leave a vacancy in the Royal line. Who could we get to take on the responsibility of Grand Duke of Van Demons Land? May I suggest my son Prince Matthew?

Peter would have a staunch ally in Matthew.

I shall sign off now. I assume it goes without saying that this correspondence should be destroyed, should it fall into the wrong hands the consequences for us could be dire.

Your Humble and loving servant Duchess Judith

Margaretta crushes the letter and puts in back on the silver tray. Picking up a lit candle, the letter is soon reduced to ash.

She’s as cunning as I” she thinks to herself. "Phillip has shown no signs of Madness. Still, who am I to argue with Judith's diagnosis"?

Oh I’m bored! Next time, I think I’ll go on the Hunt

Oh, but it can be dangerous your Highness”! exclaimed a lady in waiting.

I know” replied the Duchess, “I know,…”.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

The King's Personal Standard

The Earl of Kilmore arrived early in the morning and was the first of the appointed visitors to see the King. The Captain of The Guard announced his arrival.
"Sire, the Director of Royal Vexillations has arrived with the first of the proposed Standards for your personal use".
Earl Kilmore entered the study with four soldiers of the Maiden Guard, one Sergeant, a Corporal and two Guardmaids. All had white gloves on. The Sergeant carried a large cased flag over her shoulder. The Corporal removed the leather case that covered the flag and the two Guardsmaids unfurled the flag.
"Hmm, quite impressive Kilmore. Explain"!
"Sire, but of course"
The Earl checked his gloves for a firm fit, and began to gesture towards the flag.
"The Obverse of the Standard has the top Hoist and lower Fly displaying the Angle Mormoani, representing your link to the Almighty. In the lower Hoist and upper Fly we see the Red Dragon of Wales, the Royal family's original homeland. The Cross is decorated with Fleur-de-lys, representing your three initial; and we are sure, continued victories over the French."
The king interrupted the Earl:
"Continued victories? Maybe you assume to much Kilmore. The French do fight well; on occasion".
"I have supreme confidence in his majesties abilities on the battlefield".
The King raised an eyebrow.
"Do continue Kilmore".
"Sire. In the center we see the Ancient Order of the Tankard, as presented recently to your majesty by your kinsman The Noble Wilhelm Von Beerstein".
(All "Royalty" were regarded as the King's "kinsman").
King Phillip I seemed pleased thus far:
"Excellent, and the Reverse".
Kilmore asked the soldiers to turn The Standard around.
"Sire, here he have replacing the Angle Mormoani with The Royal Family coat of arms. In the center we have the Bursting Grenade, symbolic of the Household Brigade; Your personal Brigade. Finally, on both sides we have the Motto, The Honour and Glory is His, and your personal Battle Honour, UBIQUE, meaning Everywhere".
Earl Kilmore bowed and concluded his presentation.
"Excellent Kilmore. Have the Standard raised above the palace. It shall accompany me where ever I go, and will be an easily recognized symbol of my presence on any future battlefield. We need to arrange it's Trooping before the army"
The King rang a small bell on his desk, and an Officer entered.
"Captain of the Guard, please have General Zillmann join me for lunch, and the Army RSM. We have a few parades to arrange,...."
The Captain saluted, and departed the scene.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Honour Bestowed!

General Zillmann knocked twice and entered the King's study.
"Sire, a messenger from the Embassy of The Reich Duchy of Beerstein has arrived with a dispatch".
"Please be so kind as to open and read it my good General".
"Please Sire, a little less of the good if you don't mind"
The General tore open the leather pouch and began to read:

"Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein is proud to approve the recommendations of the College of Honors to invest the following worthy individuals into our sacred orders:

Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard:
Duke Augustus von Lettow, Saxe-Huack
Wilhelm von Starkherz, Elector of Bleiherzen
King Phillip I, The Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales
Augustus II Rex, The Duchy of Alzeim
King Basil I of the Romans
Prinz Kelson von Tisch, Principality of Fleisch-Spatzlestadt"!
The General placed the letter down.

"Well isn't that nice of the fellow"!
"Indeed Sire" agreed the General.
"Puts me in some fine company also I see,.."
"Ja Sire".

The King looked out of the large bay windows towards the distant hills. Smoke from bushfires was billowing up from behind them.
"Fires are a concern"
"Indeed mien King. It is believed some of the fires are the work of arsonists"
The King clenched his fists.
"I've always said there is too much arse-ing around. (heheheh). Warn out the Lord High Executioner. Once we have those responsible our ax man will have his work, let's say; cut out for him"
"Ja mien King".
The General paused, before informing the king:
"Princess Amanda's Dragoons are assisting the constabulary force in tracking down those responsible. The Princess herself rides with them".
"That's my girl".


Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Bitter Dutch Duchess!

(Pictured Left: Duchess Margaretta)

Location: The Residence of Grand Duke Peter, Van Demons Land. Date: 7 February 1746.

The crown should be yours”!

Now my dear, we’ve discussed this. The law is very clear on the matter,…

Grand Duke Peter was desperate to calm his Duchess.

An un-just law! Flawed in the sight of God! If you were a real man you would challenge your usurper brother and take what is yours, in the eyes of God”!

His efforts were failing, yet again.

Duchess Margaretta's rage was not to be dampened.

The argument was an old one. The law was very clear on the matter at hand. Only Mormoan’s could sit on the twin thrones of the Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales. Since Grand Duke Peter was married to a Catholic, (and a Dutch Catholic at that), the Crowns had passed to his younger brother Phillip, and even younger Queen, Raechel.

At the time of their marriage Margaretta, appeared content to accept the situation, she appeared to accept she would never be Queen.

Oh well, Grand Duchess. Hmm, I guess I can live with that” she purred in his ear only four years earlier.

Duchess my dear, only a Duchess,…” Peter corrected her.

But that was four years ago. She was but the daughter of a petty “well to do” family. She was not even of the original Mormoan families. Her family had arrived direct from Holland several years after the first fleet arrived. All the same, her family had done well for themselves, despite not converting. There was plenty on money to be made for an enterprising family in the new colony.

How her perspective had changed.

Was her rage born out of jealousy of the younger, more beautiful Queen? Maybe.

She barely managed to hide her contempt for Queen Raechel.

She was almost thirty years older than Queen Raechel, (and more than a few years older than Grand Duke Peter).

Her harsh, stern features compared badly against the soft, youthful face of Rachel’s.

Whatever the reason, she was now adamant that she (and Peter of course), should be on the thrown.

You are loved by the people of Van Demons Land. At least brake away and declare this islands independence from New Wales. A crown of any type is preferable to this affront”!

Peter’s patient was starting to wear thin.

SILENCE WITCH”! he snapped.

(Pictured : Grand Duke Peter)

I will not hear of any more of this treasonous talk against my brother”!

The Duchess recoiled. Not often did Peter raise his voice.

I, I was only thinking that, maybe….


She took another step back, both hands now clasped over her mouth.

Peter could see she was shocked.

Forgive me my dear, but I must be firm on this issue. I love my little brother. He is my King. I will not discuss the matter any more. The subject is closed

He stepped towards her. “Now let us go for a walk in the gardens; it is such a beautiful evening, is it not”?

Of course my lord. It is I that must beg your forgiveness. I will not raise the issue again

She was lying,…


Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Army Flags Part 1: (continued)

The next Colours we will look at are the Colours of the "Kings Maiden Guard". Below we have the King's Colour (top), and the Regimental Colour, (bottom):
The "Bursting Grenade" indicates the Regiment belongs to either the "Royal Household Brigade" or it is an "Elite" formation / unit. The Maiden Guard is both.
The Regimental colour displays the Regiments Name on one side, and the Regimental motto, ("None Shall Pass"!) on the other.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Army Flags Part 1: The Foot Regiments

Each Regiment of the Royal Army has two Colours, (or Flags). A King's Colour, (the more senior of the two), and a Regimental Colour.
Here we see the typical REGIMENTAL colour for a Royal Army Regiment of Foot.
In the 1st Canton we have the Holy Mormoan Kingdom Of New Wales Coat Of Arms:
The Blue Field represents the seas and oceans crossed to arrive in the Newer World.
The Wreath represents "Growth, Fertility and The Land".
The Emu
is a native Bird, (and can't step backwards), symbolizing the "fledgling Kingdom advancing swiftly, always with their feet on the ground, and not with their heads in the clouds; and never retreating".
The Crown
Represents the Royal Household of Clements.
In the 3rd Canton, (or Upper Fly) we have the Army's symbol: A Lion defending the Crown in a field of blood.

The 2nd and 4th Cantons, (or Lower Hoist and Lower Fly) are two red fields, representing the blood given in defence of the King and Country. The Cross would be in the facing colour of the Regiment. In this case, the Queen Mother's Regiment.
Below is a King's Colour, (again the Queen Mother's Regiment).

The 2nd and 3rd Cantons have the Personal Coat of Arms of King Phillip I. The only difference from the HMKoNW's Coat Of Arms is the three fleur-de-lys, representing his three victories over the French while he was Prince Phillip, and in command of the Army, (more on this later). Again, the cross in the center of the flag would be of the facing colour of the appropriate regiment.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mormoan Militia (Part 1)

The Yarra Militia
Like many nations everywhere, The Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales authorized the raising of Militia units, (Regiments, Battalions, Legions etc) very early in their history. Many of the Militia units actually have a longer "Regimental" history than any of the Royal Army units.
The unit we will look at today is the Yarra Militia:
NAME: The Yarra Regiment Militia
Date Raised: 21 January 1680
MOTTO: "Second to None"
Unofficial Motto: "First To Fight".
Nicknames:"The Paupers", "Raggity Anns".
Battle Honours: "The Hostile Wars", "Port Philip 1728", and "Vinegar Hill1738".
Brief History: When the Mormoan colonists declared themselves to be a "Free and Independent Holy Republic", they expected that before too long the mother country would send troops to forcibly "return them to the fold". Consequently the Mormoans started forming militia "units" to defend themselves. One of the first units to be raised was the Yarra Regiment militia.
The Regiment was raised on the banks of the Yarra River, (hence the name), by colonists that had established a successful trading "hub" at the southern tip of the continent. When the expected British army failed to show, there was talk of disbanding the militia units; however, conflict with the natives (and occasionally Neue Sudland mercenary units in the pay of the natives and "unfriendly" old world governments), ensured their ongoing service.
The Regiment first saw action during the "Hostile Wars" when they marched off on a "punitive" strike against a native Warband that had attacked a few of the sheep stations established nearby.
Due to their Command Officer's insistence that they "travel light" the men only packed one uniform, (the one they were wearing). As a result, when the Regiment returned six months later, they were wearing rags. The locals were so shocked at the appearance of the regiment some offered them coins as the march back into town. Others mocked them and called the "Raggity Anns". The Regiments CO at the time was one Major Eboneza Ann
Regimental anecdotes and traditions: The Yarra Regiment Militia believe they were the first "military" unit raised by the colonists, (they were not; the first unit raised was "The New Wales Artillery"); hence the Yarra's motto, "Second to None".
The Yarra's initial motto was "First To Fight". Their Regimental colour (flag) bares both mottos.