Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bree's Battery

Unit Name: Bree's Battery, Royal Regiment Of New Wales Artillery
Date Raised: 10 Aug 1705
Motto: "Saint Barbara Is With Us"!
Unofficial Motto: "Saint Barbara's Vengeance Is Delivered By Us"! and "Beware the 7th"
Nicknames: "Barbara's Boys"
Battle Honours: Ubique (Everywhere)
Brief History: Initially raised as a Militia Artillery Unit in 1701 by a Elder (Clergyman) of the Mormoan Church, named Elder Thomas Rassmussen.
Most of the Gunners came from German (Saxon and Hessian) colonists, and their uniform is distinctly Saxon in appearance. Initially the Battery was equipped with eight 6 Pdr Guns, and was named "Saint Barbara's Battery". Elder Rassmussen announced at the Battery's formation parade:
"With these 6 Pounder Guns we will deliver the vengeance of Saint Barbara, our Patron Saint, upon those who dare desecrate this most holy of lands. Remember always my brave Gunners, that God, and Saint Barbara will be watching over you always"!
At the relief of Fort Clairmont in 1735 the battery fought so well they were permitted to become part of the Royal Regiment Of New Wales Artillery.
Princess Ashlie inspected the Battery in 1744. So impressed was she that she ask her Grand-father, King Michael to have the Battery renamed after her infant daughter, Princess Breeanna. The Old King granted the wish of his Grand-daughter, and since that day the Battery has been known as "Bree's Battery".
Today the Battery is very large by normal standards, having four (4) rather than the usual two (2) Troops of most Artillery Batterys. "A" and "B" Troops are each equipped with four (4), 6 Pdr Guns, but "C" and "D" troops each have four (4) 12 Pdrs. Recently "A" and "B" troops have been sent to serve in Reich Duke Wilhelm Von Beerstein's Army. The Battery fought in the following battles and campaigns:
Beaver Ridge, Hostile Wars, Port Phillip 1728, Cadbury Hill 1733, Launceston 1734, Fort Clairmont 1735, Van Demon's Land, and Vinegar Hill 1738.
The uniform is dark blue, (so as limit the appearance of the inevitable stains Gunner's have on their uniform), with Red waistcoats an breeches (representing the "Fire" of the Guns), with Black facings and turnbacks, (representing the "Smoke" from the Guns). Officers have gold trim on their hats, (not red like the enlisted men), and Gold Trim on their Cuffs. The Guns themselves are painted Pale Blue.
Like all Mormoan Artillery Regiments and Battery's, their Battle Honour is "Ubique".
Regimental Anecdotes and Traditions: At the Battle of Cadbury Hill in 1733 the Battery mistakenly fired on the 7th Foot, "Von Manstien's" who they believed to be a French Battalion, (see the link to the 7th Foot). Hence the Unofficial Motto "Beware The 7th

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Gift From The Republic!

(LEFT: The Grand Star Of the Order Of The Republic Of Neues Sudland)
King Phillip I was looking at the latest reports from Col Ann, detailing his "activities" on the border with Dr Tross and his Balloon. With him was Grand Duke Colin and General Zillmann.

General Zillmann looked up from one report:

"It appears there have been some skirmishing with some natives and some "whites", but the "whites" appear not to be RNS Army."

"Well who are they"? asked the Grand Duke.

"French I suspect" murmered the King, half wishing not to be heared.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and the Captain of the guard entered:
"Sire, we have just received this from our neighbours"
The King was presented with a large box. Inside was a rather impressive looking decoration:
"I say, rather flash"! gasped the King.
"Sire, the accompanying document reads as follows;" stated the Captain:
"It is the wish of the people and Government of the Republic Of Neues Sudland that you be made a grand Companion of the Republic Of Neues Sudland blah blah drone drone,........"

"Well aren't I the spoilt one". Commented the King.

"Indeed Sire". (The Captain felt the need to agree).

"Well, it's almost like a sign from God! I'm convinced the RNS isn't behind our troubles" The King turned and looked out of the large window in his study.
"Either our antogonists are domestic, or external to this continent. Lets see if we can't see who's been a busy Bee".
The King sat down and looked at the horses being readied for the afternoon hunt.
"General, prepare the following orders for COL Ann;....."