Sunday, December 14, 2008

7th Regiment Of Foot "Von Manstien's"

The next Regiment we look at is the 7th Regiment Of Foot, "Von Manstien's"

NAME: 7th Regiment Of Foot "Von Manstien's"
Date Raised: 1 September 1701
Unofficial Motto: "Cold Steel Will Triumph"
Nicknames: "Drill Pigs", "The Sour Kruats", "Unlucky 7th"
Battle Honours: "Beaver Ridge", "The Hostile Wars" "Port Philip 1728", "Cadbury Hill 1733"
Brief History:When it was decided that the formation of a standing army was required, it fell to an ex-Prussian Major by the name of Franz Josef Von Manstien to organize, train and raise the the units. He started by raising one unit, and from that he would produce the cadre that would train all other units. He recruited as many ex military men as he could find in the colony. Most were Prussians, Saxons, Hessians and Hanovarians. Many had been Drill Sergeant's in the German armies. Once the Army was formed the cadre returned to their parent unit. Initially they were numbered the 1st Foot Regiment, but when the "Royal" army was formed in 1729, they were renumbered the 7th. Von Manstien became the King's Inspector General of the Royal Army on 6 Dec 1728. He adopted the Regiment (with the King's blessing and insistence) on the 7th of December that same year. The 7th is one of only a few regiments that have Grenadiers, Musketeers, and Fusiliers.
Regimental anecdotes and traditions:
At the Battle of Port Phillip in 1725, the Regiment arrived on the left flank of the Franco-Spanish as they threaten to break the Mormoan line. Firing one ineffective volley the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM), Robert Zillmann, grasped the Regimental Colour. Crying "Come lads, cold steal will triumph where hot lead failed"! he lead the Regiment in a charge that sent the French "Dillon" Regiment fleeing.
Ever since, in this Regiment the RSM, (not an Ensign) carries the Regimental Colour. This is unique to the 7th.
The Regiment earned the nickname "Unlucky 7th" when at the battle of Cadbury Hill in 1733, they suffered the heaviest casualties of all units engaged. They were accidentally fired upon by Bree's Battery whilst attempting to flank a mercenary Battalion from New Southland; their Grey uniforms looking not to dissimilar to those of the South Lander's.
Every year, on the anniversary of the Battle of Cadbury hill they have dinner with the Officers and Gunners of Bree's Battery in full battle dress, (including weapons).
This is the only time weapons are allowed in both units messes. The Gunner's leave their weapons in barracks.
Grenadiers Uniform, 7th Foot
Fusilier's Uniform, 7th Foot