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What is "The Holy Mormoan Kingdom Of New Wales"

In short, The Holy Mormoan Kingdom Of New Wales is an "Imagi-nation"?
Imagi-nations are fictional nations, (often set in the period 17C to early 19C).

Their purpose is often to be used for wargamer's campaigns, but it appears to me their main purpose seems to be to give an outlet for creativity! Allowing individuals to design political organisations and armies free from the historical constraints, and diving into such details as uniform design, Orders Of Battle, and the creation of constantly evolving purpose and direction for the development of the gamer's Armies in minature. To that end, allow me to introduce to you:

The Holy Mormoan Kingdom Of New Wales

As we all know, in 1620 the Mayflower arrived in the "New World" carrying the pilgrims, many of whom were escaping religious persecution. In their numbers was a young Welshmen by the name of John Smyth-Clements, and his wife Magaret.

Late one night in April 1650 John, (at the age of 52) had a vision of a Messenger Angel. The Angel told him of several "Plates" that had inscriptions on them and where they could be found. These "Plates", (7 large bronze discs), were apparently, "the word of god". The Angel, apparently called himself Mormoani, told John to take his family and the Plates to a "Great Southern Land" and build "Gods Kingdom on Earth".

John soon founded his own Church, (the Mormoans), and started preaching the "New Word". This was not well received in the "New World" colonies, and soon John and his followers were being shunned and soon openly persecuted. In 1658, gathering all of his family and some followers, (numbering about 900), John and his followers boarded several ships and headed off to their "promised land". They also took 180 "Mormoanized" Uehorn and Iracow natives with them. It's worth noting that the Mormoans believed the native Americans to be a long lost Israelite Tribe!

As news of the migration began, contingents of Protestant French and Irish, some Dutch, and large groups of Germans, (Hessians, Prussians, Saxons etc), joined them.These "New Mormoaners" linked up with the small "Mormoaner's Fleet" as it travelled down the east coast of North America, gathering more and more ships of all size. The voyage was remarkably uneventful, (a sure sigh of God's blessing). They now numbered in the vicinity of 3000 souls.

At this point however there was a temporary splitting of the pilgrims. John knew the rounding the tip of South America would be dangerous, and was advised in yet another vision of the Angel Mormoani to send part of his flock over land, where he could eventually land on the North America west coast and collect them. By doing this, if disaster was to befall one group, the other group could continue on God's chosen path.

Landing at is what is today known as Corpus Christi in Texas, about 400 of the original Mormoans, and 500 others then headed west, collecting as they went more native American "converts".

The remainder of the fleet continued south, stopping several times in central and south America, collecting Spanish and Portuguese "converts" as they travelled.

The two groups eventually reunited in December 1662.

Combined again, the fleet, (now numbering over 50 ships), departed from modern day San Diego heading for Neue Sudland. The "Holy Fleet" arrived on the Neue Sudland east coast 26 January, 1663. Over 5000 arrived, including almost 1000 native Americans! By years end an additional 5000 pilgrims arrived from all parts of the world.

By 1676 the "Mormoans" (as they had become known) had established a thriving colony in the East and declared themselves to be a "Free and Independent Holy Republic". They named their new home, NEW WALES.

Meanwhile, England occupied with problems at home and abroad in France and Ireland was either indifferent or unable to do anything about the breakaway colony. It was assumed they'd soon come crawling home, or perish.

However, the Mormoans had established a very good relationship with many of the local natives, and converted many of them to their form of Christianity. Drawing on the natives knowledge of the land, and their own skills as hunters, farmers and trappers, they went from strength to strength. They establish a Parliamentarian style government, with the highest official in the Mormoan Church as Govener General. They established an Army, based on the Prussian model, (thanks to the work of an ex-Prussian Army Major by the name of Mannstien). They also converted many of their ships to warships, and soon had a very competent, (if not small), Navy. They also established huge flocks of sheep. Eventually wool would become the primary source of income for the growing nation.

One of the cornerstones of the new religion was the concept of "Plural Marriage". Briefly, this was based on the concept that if man was to "go forth and multiply" (as God wished), he would need more than one wife to do so. Given a woman could only "multiply" once every nine months, to "fulfil Gods wishes" a man would need more than one wife. After all, he could "multiply" daily! This was also a convenient, (and some would argue), sensible practice for the struggling new colony. As many of the men folk were killed fighting the "hostiles" during the many stop overs during the "Great Pilgrimage" (as the duel voyage and trek had became known), the widow would be taken under the protection of one of the surviving men. Most men had two, three or even four wives before the colony was even established. Additionally, they would also take the "hostile" natives women as "wives" after killing their husbands and fathers after battles and "raids".

Consequently, the Mormoans soon found themselves in the midst of a population explosion. Most Mormoan men had 4 or 5 wives and up to 20 children! By 1700 they numbered between 18500 - 22000 men, woman and children, (lots of children)! The downside of course was the disdain towards them of other European colonies that were following in the wake of their movement.

In 1712 the Mormoans attacked a wagon train of French colonists that was approaching their area, (coming south out of the area known as the "Eastern Marches"). Fearful of Catholic influence and domination, the Mormoans and their Native Allies, (mainly the Kalcadoo and Jabaroo tribes) lashed out. The result was a total massacre of the French colonists (except for the women and girls), that became know throughout the World as the Beaver Ridge Bloodbath.

Consequently almost all the other European Colonist were becoming openly hostile towards the Mormoans. Only the English, (who were more than happy to see French wagon trains destroyed), offered any assistance to the Mormoans.

In 1725, a Mormoan "Elder" named Michael Clements seized sole power in a coup during a sitting of the Mormoan Parliament, and proclaimed himself "First Consul" in a military dominated Directorate. Michael was very charismatic and a hero of the "Hostile Wars of 1720-24". Given the poor state of affairs (the lack of trading opportunity and constant disunity within the Parliament), the general populace was happy to have him "take the lead". What's more, he had the backing of the very popular Navy, Army and Militia.

In 1728, after defeating a large Franco-Spanish Army at the Battle of Port Phillip, he was proclaimed King by a grateful nation.


Born: 6 Dec 1700. A descendant of John Smyth-Clements, (The House Of Clements).

Proclaimed KING: 5 Dec 1728.

1st Wife: Queen Janet of Dudley.

2nd Wife: Duchess Judith of Campbell, (known as the "Bloody Duchess")

Children: Princess Kim Margret, Prince Peter, Prince Phillip (wife 1) // Prince Matthew, Prince Simon, Princess Emma (wife 2).

In 1730 King Michael sent his Brother, Grand Duke Colin with 3000 subjects and 500 troops to establish a colony on a large Island south of the mainland callad Van Demon's Land. This became known as The Grand Duchy of Van Demon's Land.

In 1745 King Michael was compelled to abdicated due to "The Madness". (The King was very fond of the sport of boxing, and it was suggested he to a few to many "hits to the head"). Either way, he was happy to step aside. He retained the title Michael, Grand Duke and Father of New Wales

The Crown was to pass to Prince Peter, but he had taken a Dutch Catholic wife, so lost any chance of taking the Throne. An act of Parliament precluded anyone other than a Mormoan ruling. A catholic queen would not be tolerated.

The Crown now passed to Prince Phillip.

Our Story Begins:


Born: 29 July 1705. A descendant of John Smyth-Clements, (The House Of Clements).

Proclaimed KING: 13 Nov 1745.

1st Wife: Lady Juliet of Lakelands.

2nd Wife: Duchess Rachel of Raaf.

3rd Wife: Lady, (now Queen and elevated to Prima Wife), Queen Raechel of Harre-Edwards

Children: Princess Amanda, Princess Ashlie (wife1)/ Princess Hayley (wife2) // Princess Mathilda (Prima Wife).


  1. A tremendous start, full of character(s) and with the right 'in character' tone for Old School Wargaming Lace Wars fiction - and full of promises!
    I'll enjoy to update the 'Fict' links and the review of current oversea situation on the Monte-Cristan Gazette.

  2. Hi Jean-Louis
    Thanks for the encouraging comments. I'm really looking forward to writing up the Regimental histories and actually painting up the regiments.