Saturday, December 13, 2008

The King's Maiden Guard

Lets now look at the first of the Regiments.

NAME: The King's Maiden Guard
Date Raised: 29 July 1727
MOTTO: "None Shall Pass"
Unofficial Motto: "Only The King Shall Pass"
Nicknames: "The Van Demon Witches", "The King's Groundsheets"
Battle Honours: "Cadbury Hill 1733", "Van Demon Land 1733", "Launceston 1734".
Brief History:
In 1726 whilst conducting a review of the Guard, King Michael discovered that many of the veterans of the "Hostile Wars" within the Guard had taken on the extra responsibility of looking after the orphaned daughters of fallen comrades. Moved by this the King ordered the raising of a Regiment of Female "Household Troops" for "Ceremonial and Guard duties". The Regiment was also used as a military Police Force. Initially not intended as "Field" troops, the Regiment was thrust into action when acting as an escort for the King, when his convoy was attacked by natives whilst visiting the Grand Duchy Of Van Demon's Land in 1733, (the Battle of Cadbury Hill). The Regiment performed so well the King ordered that they be moved onto the "Field Army" ORBAT.
In 1730 the Regiment raised a Troop (half Battery), of two "6 Pounders" as Regimental Artillery. The Gunners were recruited from the Daughters of the more "wealthy" gentry of the Kingdom. Initially they were to be a purely "Ceremonial" Troop, (for firing Salutes for appropriate occasions), but were brought on to the Field Army ORBAT at the same time as the Guard. The Troop was named "Raechel's Troop", in honour of the King's then soon-to-be Daughter-In-Law, (and soon-to-be Queen Raechel).
Regimental anecdotes and traditions:
The first commanding officer of the Regiment was a man by the name of COL William Smith. He was the first killed at the Battle of Cadbury Hill, compelling the second in command, Major Elizabeth O'Farrell to take command of the Regiment. Taking up COL Smith's hat she rallied the Regiment with the cry, "Show your King that it takes only 400 women to do the work of 1000 men!" The Regiment drove off the enemy force of over 700 natives with the bayonet! After the battle The King decreed that "..from hence forth all future CO's of the Regiment would be women". As a tradition, on the 29th of July every year the CO dresses as a man, and wears the "Smith Hat", (complete with bloodstains and gapping hole).
The Regiment wears black knee high cavalry boots on campaign.

On the left we have the "reversed colours" of a Drummer of the King's Maiden Guard.
Below is the Uniform of a Gunner of the Maiden Guard Battery, (Raechel's Battery)
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank and "plug" David Linienblatt and his "Not By Appointment" blog; without which I would be reduced to describing rather than showing you the Uniforms of The Holy Mormoan Kingdom.


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    While their antipodial location prevents the Holy Mormoan Kingdom Of New Wales and the Republic of Neues Sudland to be active members of the European 'Emperor vs Elector' campaign, distance would not prevent them to join this merry League of Nations to take part in the exchange of diplomatic missives, flashnews, pictures and spicy anecdotes!

  4. The peculiar regimental 'day' and its origin are a gem. Reminds me of the Foreign Legion, Camerone and the wooden hand of Danjou...

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