Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Royal Army Order Of Battle.

Now that you know something of the History of The Holy Mormoan Kingdom, let's look at the Order Of Battle:


The King’s Maiden Guard (now purely Cerimonial Troops) 
The Royal Horse Guards
Royal Foot Guards
The Queen’s Regiment
The Guard Artillery “The King’s Troop”
1st Foot “Princess Mathilda’s Own”
2nd Foot “Princess Ashlie’s Own”
3rd Foot “The Queen Mother’s Regiment”
4th Foot “Grand Duke’s Michael’s Regiment”
5th Foot Originally “The Broadford Regiment”, now The Crown Prince's Regiment or "Prince Michael's Own"
6th Foot “The Van Demon Landers”
7th Foot “Von Mannstien’s Regiment”
8th Foot “The Murray Regiment”
9th Foot “The Royal Germanics”
10th Foot “Raechel’s Ranger” (Light Infantry)

1st Regiment; The Royal Dragoons “Princess Amanda’s Dragoons”
2nd Regiment; The Royal Hussars “Princess Hayley’s Hussars”
3rd Regiment; Originally The Light Dragoons, now "Queen Raechel's Light Dragoons" 
Bree’s Battery
Originally Byrn’s Battery, now "Baily's Battery"
The Saint Kilda Battery
MALITIA, (Numerous, but to name a few):
Kim’s Rifles (Jagers)
Grand Duke Peter’s Freikorps (Foot)
The Puckupunyal Grenzers
The Clairmont Militia
The Yarra Militia
Other Troops:
The Adfaburg Duntroon Military Academy; (ADMA).
A military School, the Cadets (refered to as "The Corp" or "Staff Cadets") have been known to deploy as a Legion (comprising a force of Artillery, Cavalry and Foot) in times of war. Most are seen by the bulk of the Army as "silver tailed brats".
Graduates of ADMA go on to be Staff Officers in the Royal Army.
The Corps Of Pioneers
The Royal Supply Train

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