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4th Regiment Of Foot "Grand Duke Michael's Regiment"

The next regiment we look at is 4th Regiment Of Foot "Grand Duke Michael's Regiment":
NAME: 4th Regiment Of Foot "Grand Duke Michael's Regiment"
Date Raised: 1 September 1701
MOTTO: "Faugh a Ballagh" (Irish: "Clear The Way")
Unofficial Motto: "Don't Run; You'll Just Die Tired".
Nicknames:"Old King Mick's Men", "Friends of the 3rd" and "Punchies"
Battle Honours: "The Hostile Wars", "Port Philip 1728", "Cadbury Hill 1733", "Relief of Fort Clairmont", "Launceston 1734", "Van Demon's Land Campaign" and "Vinegar Hill1738".
Brief History: Most recruits for the 4th came from the Irish and Welsh colonists. It was the Grenadiers of the 4th that provided the "Escort" for Michael Clements when he strode into Parliament on 1 April 1725 and declared "In the name of God Almighty, the Army and the People of the Mormoan Republic, I here and now dissolve this Parliament, and claim the position of 1st Consul of a new Peoples Directorate"!
Only a handful of the Old Parliamentarians resisted, but these were quickly subdued by the Grenadiers of the 4th. The Coup is often referred to as "The Grenadier's Revolution".
The 4th played a major role in the relief of Fort Clairmont, for it was them that routed the "Guard Francis". The Colonel of the Regiment at the time was Trevor Clements, (Michael's nephew), and son of the Grand Duke Colin. Col Clements was invited by the Colonel of the Guard Francis to "Have first fire". The Colonel of the 4th replied, "No mon amis, you are our guests, we insists that you fire first". The Guard Francis' volley inflicted few casualties. The 4th then advanced another 50 paces, and as they prepared to fire Colonel Trevor Clements called out to the Guard Francis, "Please don't run, you'll only die tired"! He then gave the order to fire. The 4th's volley was devastating, dropping every fourth Guardsman in the French regiment! Crying "Faugh a Ballagh" or "Clear The Way", the 4th then charged and routed their enemies.
Regimental anecdotes and traditions:
The RSM of the 4th (Sergeant Major Russell Crows) introduced boxing, (Michael Clements' favorite sport) as part of the Regiment's training program. Consequently they have the nickname "Punchies". The Regiment has a fearsome reputation as "Brawlers" throughout the army, and are rarely garrisoned with other regiments other than the 3rd, whom they have had a close affinity with ever since the relief of Fort Clairmont, (for obvious reasons).
Unlike other regiments, the 4th Regiment of Foot is never used for guard duty at the King's Parliament.

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