Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Farewell Ladies"!

 Hi Guys
It's been a very long time since I updated my blog, (sorry).
A deployment to Afghanistan and some 'Real Life' issues have got in the way.
Today I've just added some photos of a HMKoNW General Officer bidding some ladies 'farewell'.
Who is this officer?
Hmmm,.. not sure just yet. I am sure however we'll soon see him in action.
 The officer on horseback is from FRONT RANK and the two ladies are from OLD GLORY.

 The FRONT RANK WSS range is excellent. They are excellent sculpts and paint up very nicely.
I'll be using SAM MUSTAFA's excellent MAURICE rules for the major battles and a version of SHARP PRACTICE for skirmishes.
More soon.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Royal Artillery on Exercise!

BELOW: "Make Ready"! Gunner's from Bree's Battery prepare to fire.
DATE: 8 June 1746:
LOCATION: Royal Training Grounds, Puckapunyal.
From the top of Mount Pukapunyal, as the early morning fog slowly lifts, the King and General Zillmann observe a hive of activity on the Gun Line.
A fine mist formed around the Generals mouth as he spoke:
"The Lads of Bree's battery seem to have a real spring in their step this morning your Highness. They must have had a hearty breakfast. I hear the Battery Captain bagged a huge Boomer* yesterday,..".
The King Lowered his telescope:
"Probably more to do with the Troop of gunners from ADMA than anything else. Nothing like some competitivness between Gun Lines to bring out the best in the Artillerymen".
BOOM! The First shots of the day rang out across the valley.
"First honours to the lads from Bree's Battery" observerd the General.
"Indeed, but shooting is not even half of the evaluation. The real test is how well they can manouver their guns"
The King had been conducting "Head Of Regiment Evaluations, (or HRE's) for some time. He was a 'true believer' in the Artillery arm.
"How well they can work in support of the Infantry and cavalry is the real test however,.."

After five rounds from each gun, Infantry from the Yarra Militia suddenly apeared from the tree line behind the guns and advanced on about 100 'dummys' two hundred yards in front of the Guns. Within a few minutes the skirmishers opened up a brisk fire upon them.

"Well Sire, it appears the Battery Captain and Captain Penmann from the militia have a good working relationship"
The King walked to his horse.
"Yes General, it would appear so,.."
Before the King could mount his horse however, a messenger arrived:
"Your Highness, I come bearing bad news, Your Brother the Grand Duke has been shot,..."!
BELOW: Skirmishers from the Yarra Militia dash down the road and begin a brisk fire of their own. In the foregrond, Gunners from the Adfaburg Duntroon Military Academy

To Be Continued,..
* Note: Boomer = A large male Kangaroo

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bree's Battery Gunners, and the ADMA Staff Cadets

ABOVE: "So Gunner, how goes the war"?
Hi All
I've finished basing my BREE's BATTERY Gunners and ADMA Staff Cadets.
I'll have the actual Guns completed by tomorrow. The miniatures are from EUREKA MINIATURES "Age Of Reason" range.
All painted by FERNANDO ENTERPRISE. and based by me.

ABOVE: Bree Battery Gunners. More photos of these gunners to follow shortly, with their Guns.
BELOW: Adfaburg Duntroon Military Acadamy Staff Cadets based and ready for action.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More WIP.

Hi All
Some more WIP pics. This time a 'Character' from the Yarra Militia and a Kettle Drummer from the Royal Mounted Band. I'm sure you can figure out who is who,...

Both are EUREKA MINIATURES sculpts.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Long Overdue Update: WIP

ABOVE: One of the Figures painted by FE. The Hornist of the Cadets of ADFABURG Academy
Hi All
It's been a long time since I've added to my blog.
What can I say but "sorry".
I've decided I'll be using "Sharp Practice" (SP) to play my battles, once they start.
I think SP will be well suited to the kind of "character heavy" battles I intend on playing.
The troops are coming along, but not quick enough. Concequently I've commissioned FERNANDO ENTERPRISE to paint some of the troops.
My experiance with them in the past has been good. They do a good job, and in a reasonable time and at a reasonable price.
The first two units I've tasked them to do are the Gunners for Bree's Battery and the Cadets of Adfaburg Academy.
I've added some photos that FE sent me of the Work In Progress (WIP).
BELOW: Some of FE's work. ADFABURG Cadets as seen from both front and behind.

BELOW: Bree's Battery Gunners painted by FE

You can find more details on the two units by clicking on the "Labels" below.
Once they arrive back in my hands I'll base them and start gaming.
Feel free to leave a comment or two.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

1st and 2nd VDL Legion Battalions Painted

ABOVE: The Battalion Colour of the 2nd Battalion of the VDL Legion.
It's been a while since I've posted to this BLOG, but here is my latest offering. I've painted both battalions of the Van Demon's Land Legion. Miniatures are from EUREKA MINIATURES 28mm "Age Of Reason" range, and Flags are from MAVERICK MODELS; based on my designs.
I can't recommend Maverick Models high enough. Excellent flags at an excellent price, AND Stuart will make flags based on YOUR designs back up with excellent service! What more could you want?
BELOW: 2nd Battalion as seen from behind

BELOW: 2nd Battalion from the front. The Flag on the right (as you see it) is the Battalion Flag, whilst the one on the left is the Standard of Princess Mathilda. It's customary in the Army of The Holy Mormoanick Kingdom Of New Wales for members of the Royal Family to allow units to take their Personal Standards into battle.

BELOW: The business end of the 1st Battalion of the VDL Legion! Here we see Drummer Kane and the Personal Standard of Princess Hayley. The VDL's two Battalions have the honour of carrying into battle the Personal Standards of two Princess's in the same battle. The Battle in question was the Battle of Orange Hill, (more on this later). The 1snt and 2nd Battalions of the VDL are sometimes called "The Sister's Legion"

BELOW: A close up of Princess Hayley's Standard and The 1st Battalion Colour

BELOW: 1st Battalion as seen from behind (top) and front (bottom).

BELOW: Drummer Kane beats out a tune for the boys!

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. Feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Assassin! Oh foul deeds,...

LOCATION: The Grand Duke's Hunting Estate, Gravellot.
DATE: June 5, 1746, 7.15AM
The sweat was running in torrents down the young boy's face; or was it tears.

The boy was running from the stables to the large Manor. Once there he would get help.
He bounded up the stairs two or three at a time;
"Help, HELP! The Grand Duke has been shot"!

Duchess Margaretta appeared at the top of the stairs:
"What is this you say? Calm yourself boy!! I can't understand a single word you say"!

"The Grand Duke Ma'am,... He he's been shot. Killed I think"!

"WHAT"! Captain, CAPTAIN of the Guard! Lady Sarah!! Quickly, get the guard"!
Lady Sarah ran off through the large doorway towards the stunned Duty Officer who was now standing near a small table. His chair now toppled over as he spang to his feet.

The Duchess grabbed the boy by the shoulders:
"Take me to him,..."

15 minutes later the Duchess and her small party of arrived at the stables on the edge of the wooded area surrounding the estate. She had with her Lady Sarah, Captian Chamberlain and 12 Troopers from the Grand Duke's Duty Squadron.
At the entrance of the stable lay sprawling the Grand Duke. A large wound in his chest was evident, and much blood lay sticky on the ground. He had also been shot in the head.
The Duchess was off her horse and kneeling beside him. The blood was soon all over her dress and hands. She took the Grand Dukes head in her hands and let out a searing scream!

"Peter, PETER! Dear God look what they have done! This is the work of your vile brother no doubt"!

Lady Sarah pulled the Duchess away:
"There is nothing you can do Ma'am. Please come away".

"BASTARDS!! Vile BASTARDS! They think they can get away with this. Captain, send a messanger to the Lords and High council of the Colony. I want them all at the Orange House tonight!

Captain Chamberlain spoke:
"But Ma'am, surely we should secure your safety first and get the Grand Duke back to the manor? I should send some of the men in pursuit of the assassin. He can't have got to far"!

"Don't argue with me you impudent dog!! I'll have you back in the ranks so fast it'll make you foolish head spin. Now send half the men to do as I say. I have my duty to perform. I must secure the government. I already know those responsible. I could care less about who pulled the trigger. I want those who ordered it done,..."!

One of the troopers was knelling beside the Grand Duke,..
"I think he's still alive"!
To Be Continued