Friday, February 27, 2009

Sir Rolf Is Back!

"Sire, Sir Rolf is back".
It was the Chamber butler again.
"Really. Do show him in".
Within moments Sir Rolf was before the King.
"What's that you have Sir Rolf"?
"Well Sire, I thought I'd touch up the official portrait of Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein. Since the presentation of The Holy Order Of Mormoani I thought it only appropriate that the portrait receive a touch up".
The King took a closer look at the impressively framed likeness of the Reich Duke.
"Ahhhh, very clever! BRAVO! Smyth; send a copy to the Reich duke"!
The Chamber butler snapped his heels together.
"Consider it done you Majesty".
The King returned to a pile of documents and maps on his desk.
"Well done Rolf, now I must get back to work,...".

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