Saturday, February 14, 2009

The King's Personal Standard

The Earl of Kilmore arrived early in the morning and was the first of the appointed visitors to see the King. The Captain of The Guard announced his arrival.
"Sire, the Director of Royal Vexillations has arrived with the first of the proposed Standards for your personal use".
Earl Kilmore entered the study with four soldiers of the Maiden Guard, one Sergeant, a Corporal and two Guardmaids. All had white gloves on. The Sergeant carried a large cased flag over her shoulder. The Corporal removed the leather case that covered the flag and the two Guardsmaids unfurled the flag.
"Hmm, quite impressive Kilmore. Explain"!
"Sire, but of course"
The Earl checked his gloves for a firm fit, and began to gesture towards the flag.
"The Obverse of the Standard has the top Hoist and lower Fly displaying the Angle Mormoani, representing your link to the Almighty. In the lower Hoist and upper Fly we see the Red Dragon of Wales, the Royal family's original homeland. The Cross is decorated with Fleur-de-lys, representing your three initial; and we are sure, continued victories over the French."
The king interrupted the Earl:
"Continued victories? Maybe you assume to much Kilmore. The French do fight well; on occasion".
"I have supreme confidence in his majesties abilities on the battlefield".
The King raised an eyebrow.
"Do continue Kilmore".
"Sire. In the center we see the Ancient Order of the Tankard, as presented recently to your majesty by your kinsman The Noble Wilhelm Von Beerstein".
(All "Royalty" were regarded as the King's "kinsman").
King Phillip I seemed pleased thus far:
"Excellent, and the Reverse".
Kilmore asked the soldiers to turn The Standard around.
"Sire, here he have replacing the Angle Mormoani with The Royal Family coat of arms. In the center we have the Bursting Grenade, symbolic of the Household Brigade; Your personal Brigade. Finally, on both sides we have the Motto, The Honour and Glory is His, and your personal Battle Honour, UBIQUE, meaning Everywhere".
Earl Kilmore bowed and concluded his presentation.
"Excellent Kilmore. Have the Standard raised above the palace. It shall accompany me where ever I go, and will be an easily recognized symbol of my presence on any future battlefield. We need to arrange it's Trooping before the army"
The King rang a small bell on his desk, and an Officer entered.
"Captain of the Guard, please have General Zillmann join me for lunch, and the Army RSM. We have a few parades to arrange,...."
The Captain saluted, and departed the scene.


  1. What a magnificant flag! Reich Duke Wilhelm is pleased your highness included the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard on your personal standard. A true sign of friendship between our realms. Well done!

  2. G'day, Scotty.

    Very nice, mate. I'll keep an eye out for that flag around the Marches Borders. It would go well with the new wallpaper in the Blue Room at Silibilli House in O'Donnell. :-)