Monday, February 16, 2009

"Dear Duchess,..."

Location: The Residence of Grand Duke Peter, Van Demons Land.

Date: 17 February 1746.

The messenger dismounted from his horse before it had even stopped. “A letter for the Duchess, stand aside; a letter for the Duchess”. He bounded up the stairs and passes the guards; his uniform marked him as a Royal Courier. Into the Grand Dukes residence, and into the Ante Room, he was finally stopped by the Sergeant of The Guard. Being a Royal Courier will only get you so far.

A message for the Duchess Sergeant”!

I’ll take that, thank you”.

The Sergeant now passes the letter to the Officer of the watch. Normally all mail goes to the Grand Duke, but as usual in the morning he’s out hunting Tiger-dogs. The Officer hands the letter to Duchess Margaretta’s hand Maiden who promptly delivers the letter.

Your Highness, a letter from Duchess Judith”. (See picture)

Margaretta plucks the letter from the silver tray.

What does that hag think she’s doing writing to me”?

Dated 20 November 1745

Bradbury Manor.

Dearest Margaretta I write to you to express my concerns pertaining to the recent coronation of Phillip. As you are aware I’ve never been overly fond of Phillip, and for good reason. He has never shown me the respect that I deserve as one of the wives of his Father, King Michael. The truth of the matter is he’s been down right disrespectful of me. But that is of little concern.

Of much greater concern is his mental instability. I’m sure I’m not the only person who is aware his erratic behavior. Your Peter on the other hand is a much better choice as rightful King. He is the eldest after all.

As for your religious views; what concerns are they really? Is not our God the One uniting God? Besides, I’m sure such a powerful man such as Peter could not be unduly influence by such a dainty lady as yourself anyway.

God willing, the situation will rectify it’s self, and before too long Peter will take his rightful place as King, with you as his radiant Queen.

Wouldn’t that put that upstart Raechel in her place?

Peter’s assent to the thrown would however leave a vacancy in the Royal line. Who could we get to take on the responsibility of Grand Duke of Van Demons Land? May I suggest my son Prince Matthew?

Peter would have a staunch ally in Matthew.

I shall sign off now. I assume it goes without saying that this correspondence should be destroyed, should it fall into the wrong hands the consequences for us could be dire.

Your Humble and loving servant Duchess Judith

Margaretta crushes the letter and puts in back on the silver tray. Picking up a lit candle, the letter is soon reduced to ash.

She’s as cunning as I” she thinks to herself. "Phillip has shown no signs of Madness. Still, who am I to argue with Judith's diagnosis"?

Oh I’m bored! Next time, I think I’ll go on the Hunt

Oh, but it can be dangerous your Highness”! exclaimed a lady in waiting.

I know” replied the Duchess, “I know,…”.


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  1. Ah, plots devious are now in the works if I doubt not my guess.

    -- Jeff