Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Off To See The Elephant; (with Drums)"?

Drum Major Bond Scott (late of Princess Amanda's Dragoons), leads the Changing of The Maiden Guard at Broadford Gardens. Mounted on his Drum Horse Ned, they trot pass the Regimental Colour of the Maiden Guard, and the reviewing Officer, King Phillip I and General Von Zillmann.
At the Conclusion of the March Pass, Drum Major Scott is permitted to address the Guard:
"I now depart for Tradgardland. I will now beat my Kettle Drums to another tune, but know my heart beats for God, King Phillip and New Wales! God Save The King"!
"HUZZAH"!!! bellows from the Guard.

King Phillip now gives some final words of instruction and advice to the Drum Major before sending him on his way.
"Do your King and country proud Drum Major! In your baggage you will find the Holy Order Of Mormoani for Duke Karl Frederick. Hand it to our Ambassador, the Earl of Bradbury, Sir Olaf Myfriendsagay. Tell him from me he is to present it to the Duke".
With that, the Drum Major departs, like some young lad of to the circus; "to see the elephant".


  1. Figure looks fantastic ,I look forward to him coming to Tradgardland. What manufacturer is he?
    best wishes

  2. He is a Eureka Miniatures Dutch Cavalry Drummer.

  3. Wonderful drum horse, and a great looking infantry. They are a credit to your nation.


  4. What a vignette!
    A marvelous way to discover the famous Princess Amanda's Dragoons (if Drum Major Bond Scott is still wearing their uniform).

  5. Really fun name and fig. Looks great.

  6. Nice figures and a good series of photos.

    -- Jeff

  7. Excellent minis, photos and story!

  8. Hi All
    Thanks for the comments. You'll find extra details on Princess Amanda's dragoons by clicking on the link in the 2008 blog archive

  9. Our Captain Ludwig von Alesmister looks forward to serving with Drum Major Scott Bond!

  10. Hi Bill
    It's Bond Scott (inspired by the same of AC-DC fame).