Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Wise Men, (and a Lady)!

PICTURED at left: The Holy Order of Mormoani.

King Phillip I sat on his Throne as Lord Melbourne spoke.
Sire, the Ambassadors are awaiting your final instructions
Ah yes; best get them in here Melbourne”.
Right away Sire. Send in the Ambassador’s to Tragardland, Neues Sudland and the Reich Duchy of Beerstein”!
The large wooden doors swung open and the three nobles started in. Sir Olaf Myfriendsagay, the Earl of Bradbury, Lady Amanda Hugankiss and Viscount Kingswood entered the King’s Thrown Room. They took their positions before the King.
I’m sure it goes without saying that I expect you all to do your utmost to present our Kingdom in the best possible light. You will have accompanying you trade delegates from our wool industry and Wheat farmers”.
The three nobles received their letters of introduction from Lord Melbourne. “Sir Olaf, I’m sending you to Tragardland for obvious reasons. I know your family hail from that part of the world, so I’m hopeful you’ll have some connections there that will be of some use to us”.
Sire, My cousin Belkie is very excited about meeting me
The King’s attention turned to Lady Hugankiss
I’m hopeful that the People of Neuse Sudland will already be familiar with you my Lady, due to your family’s Brewery. HUGANKISS DRAUGHT is consumed in large quantities in the Republic I’m told
Sire”, the lady blushed
My accountant assures me it is”.
Finally, Viscount Kingswood; when you meet with Reich Duke Wilhelm, please pass on this”.
The King handed Kingswood a wooden box lined with a rich red silk, with gold hinges.
Inside you will find the Holy Order of Mormoani. I have decreed that Reich Duke Wilhelm is now a Companion of the Order”.
Sire, a great honour indeed. I’m sure that Reich Duke Wilhelm will be ecstatic”!
The King reclined back in his throne.
Good luck and safe travels. I expect to hear that you have been well received”.
The three nobles bowed and departed.


  1. A very attractive medal design. I too imagine that the recipient will be pleased . . . although "ecstatic" may be a bit overdoing it.

    -- Jeff

  2. Reich Duke Wilhelm is overwhelmed to be a Companion in The Holy Order Of Mormoani. He has ordered a day of rejoicing in appreciation of this great honor!