Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing Queen Raechel Of New Wales

"Sire, the Official Royal Portrait Artist, Sir Rolf Harriss has arrived with the Queen's Portrait".
"Golly Good! Send him in there is a good fellow".
The Chamber butler departed and was back within minutes with Sir Rolf.
"Ah, Sir Rolf, good to see you again. Well, let's have a look at her".
The two assistants placed the large painting on a lounge and unveiled the work
"I say, fantastic likeness Rolf old boy".
"Mien Gott, rather "informal" don't you think your Majesty"?
General Von Zillmann obviously was taken aback by the casual pose of the Queen.
"Well Sire, you did say you wanted to have a "relaxed" look about her Majesty".
countered Sir Rolf.
"If I may say so my King, she does look a lot like Queen Maria Auguste of the Republic of Bestonia".
"Ya Mien King, I've seen a portrait of her. A Saxon girl".
The King leaned back on his desk:
"They might be related. Raechel is of Saxon Nobility you know".
General Von Zillman took a seat:
"Ja mien King, I know".
King Phillip stepped forward and grasped Sir Rolfs hand:
"I Like It"!
King Phillip was pleased.
"After it's done the rounds have it hung at the Palace. In my study I think".
"Of course your Majesty".
And with that the portrait of Queen Raechel, (and a few copies) , were sent off for the viewing pleasure of her Subjects and foreign dignitaries.


  1. With beauty like that, she could be from St. Maurice! Lovely portrait. Lovely queen.


  2. Blessed are the subjects of such a lovely Queen!


  3. The subjects of New Wales are very proud of their Queen.