Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Honour Bestowed!

General Zillmann knocked twice and entered the King's study.
"Sire, a messenger from the Embassy of The Reich Duchy of Beerstein has arrived with a dispatch".
"Please be so kind as to open and read it my good General".
"Please Sire, a little less of the good if you don't mind"
The General tore open the leather pouch and began to read:

"Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein is proud to approve the recommendations of the College of Honors to invest the following worthy individuals into our sacred orders:

Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard:
Duke Augustus von Lettow, Saxe-Huack
Wilhelm von Starkherz, Elector of Bleiherzen
King Phillip I, The Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales
Augustus II Rex, The Duchy of Alzeim
King Basil I of the Romans
Prinz Kelson von Tisch, Principality of Fleisch-Spatzlestadt"!
The General placed the letter down.

"Well isn't that nice of the fellow"!
"Indeed Sire" agreed the General.
"Puts me in some fine company also I see,.."
"Ja Sire".

The King looked out of the large bay windows towards the distant hills. Smoke from bushfires was billowing up from behind them.
"Fires are a concern"
"Indeed mien King. It is believed some of the fires are the work of arsonists"
The King clenched his fists.
"I've always said there is too much arse-ing around. (heheheh). Warn out the Lord High Executioner. Once we have those responsible our ax man will have his work, let's say; cut out for him"
"Ja mien King".
The General paused, before informing the king:
"Princess Amanda's Dragoons are assisting the constabulary force in tracking down those responsible. The Princess herself rides with them".
"That's my girl".



  1. One hopes the Mormoans don't have the casualty rates from their imagi-fires that the Australians are having from their real ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.


  2. Call out the fire brigade immediately! Stay safe...

  3. Drawing and quartering is too good for some traitors.

    Herzog Ignaz would be pleased to lend His Majesty some artifacts of the Inquisition preserved in the Ducal Hall of Antiquities to aid in the apprehension of all the miscreants.

  4. Dear Herzog Ignaz
    The King is currently deciding on the most befitting punishment to be dealt out once those responsible are apprehended.
    He can't decide on either a "cold Chop" (the ax) or a "hot Steak", (burning at the stake).
    I prefer my meat "well done"
    General Von Zillmann
    Minister for War