Monday, February 2, 2009

Mormoan Militia (Part 1)

The Yarra Militia
Like many nations everywhere, The Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales authorized the raising of Militia units, (Regiments, Battalions, Legions etc) very early in their history. Many of the Militia units actually have a longer "Regimental" history than any of the Royal Army units.
The unit we will look at today is the Yarra Militia:
NAME: The Yarra Regiment Militia
Date Raised: 21 January 1680
MOTTO: "Second to None"
Unofficial Motto: "First To Fight".
Nicknames:"The Paupers", "Raggity Anns".
Battle Honours: "The Hostile Wars", "Port Philip 1728", and "Vinegar Hill1738".
Brief History: When the Mormoan colonists declared themselves to be a "Free and Independent Holy Republic", they expected that before too long the mother country would send troops to forcibly "return them to the fold". Consequently the Mormoans started forming militia "units" to defend themselves. One of the first units to be raised was the Yarra Regiment militia.
The Regiment was raised on the banks of the Yarra River, (hence the name), by colonists that had established a successful trading "hub" at the southern tip of the continent. When the expected British army failed to show, there was talk of disbanding the militia units; however, conflict with the natives (and occasionally Neue Sudland mercenary units in the pay of the natives and "unfriendly" old world governments), ensured their ongoing service.
The Regiment first saw action during the "Hostile Wars" when they marched off on a "punitive" strike against a native Warband that had attacked a few of the sheep stations established nearby.
Due to their Command Officer's insistence that they "travel light" the men only packed one uniform, (the one they were wearing). As a result, when the Regiment returned six months later, they were wearing rags. The locals were so shocked at the appearance of the regiment some offered them coins as the march back into town. Others mocked them and called the "Raggity Anns". The Regiments CO at the time was one Major Eboneza Ann
Regimental anecdotes and traditions: The Yarra Regiment Militia believe they were the first "military" unit raised by the colonists, (they were not; the first unit raised was "The New Wales Artillery"); hence the Yarra's motto, "Second to None".
The Yarra's initial motto was "First To Fight". Their Regimental colour (flag) bares both mottos.


  1. It is nice to have units with some background and character. Good work.

    -- Jeff

  2. Your units are always real *persons* - compliments!