Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Assassin! Oh foul deeds,...

LOCATION: The Grand Duke's Hunting Estate, Gravellot.
DATE: June 5, 1746, 7.15AM
The sweat was running in torrents down the young boy's face; or was it tears.

The boy was running from the stables to the large Manor. Once there he would get help.
He bounded up the stairs two or three at a time;
"Help, HELP! The Grand Duke has been shot"!

Duchess Margaretta appeared at the top of the stairs:
"What is this you say? Calm yourself boy!! I can't understand a single word you say"!

"The Grand Duke Ma'am,... He he's been shot. Killed I think"!

"WHAT"! Captain, CAPTAIN of the Guard! Lady Sarah!! Quickly, get the guard"!
Lady Sarah ran off through the large doorway towards the stunned Duty Officer who was now standing near a small table. His chair now toppled over as he spang to his feet.

The Duchess grabbed the boy by the shoulders:
"Take me to him,..."

15 minutes later the Duchess and her small party of arrived at the stables on the edge of the wooded area surrounding the estate. She had with her Lady Sarah, Captian Chamberlain and 12 Troopers from the Grand Duke's Duty Squadron.
At the entrance of the stable lay sprawling the Grand Duke. A large wound in his chest was evident, and much blood lay sticky on the ground. He had also been shot in the head.
The Duchess was off her horse and kneeling beside him. The blood was soon all over her dress and hands. She took the Grand Dukes head in her hands and let out a searing scream!

"Peter, PETER! Dear God look what they have done! This is the work of your vile brother no doubt"!

Lady Sarah pulled the Duchess away:
"There is nothing you can do Ma'am. Please come away".

"BASTARDS!! Vile BASTARDS! They think they can get away with this. Captain, send a messanger to the Lords and High council of the Colony. I want them all at the Orange House tonight!

Captain Chamberlain spoke:
"But Ma'am, surely we should secure your safety first and get the Grand Duke back to the manor? I should send some of the men in pursuit of the assassin. He can't have got to far"!

"Don't argue with me you impudent dog!! I'll have you back in the ranks so fast it'll make you foolish head spin. Now send half the men to do as I say. I have my duty to perform. I must secure the government. I already know those responsible. I could care less about who pulled the trigger. I want those who ordered it done,..."!

One of the troopers was knelling beside the Grand Duke,..
"I think he's still alive"!
To Be Continued


  1. Vile, vile, vile indeed. Surely more blood will flow . . . perhaps even some of it deservedly so.

    -- Jeff

  2. The Duchess sounds like a woman of action. I don't think that whoever ordered the assassination will want to tangle with her.


  3. Ah! What a cowardly and vicious act! I hope the perpetrators are caught and brought to swift justice!

  4. Me thinks that the lady doth protesteth too much.

  5. Hi Frankfurter
    You might be on to something,...