Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some Eye Candy

Hi all
Here are some pictures of work in progress, (near complete) of some New Wales Units.
I say "near complete, as I still need to add to the Militia their Colour (flag) and a bit more "ground scatter" to the bases.
First (above), we have two pictures of the now "Based" Raechel's Troop of the Maiden Guard. Below we have three pictures of the YARRA MILITIA, (or "Raggity Anns" as they have been nick-named). The miniatures are a mix of PERRY MINIATURES (AWI range), OLD GLORY (AWI), and EUREKA MINIATURES, ("Ragged Continentals"). I only wish I could paint well enough to do the figures justice. The PERRY and EUREKA figures are little works of art. OLD GLORY can be a bit "hit or miss" in my opinion.
Fortunatly for me, the OLD GLORY AWI Range of figures is one of their better lines.


  1. Very nicely done, sir. Lots of character in that unit . . . and I like the artillery gun and crew too.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff
    We actually call Artillery "Crews" Detachments. It's a Gunner thing,...
    It's from the Eureka Miniatures 'AGE OF REASON" females range. The Gun's Det Commander bending over to sight the Gun is my favourite. She's modeled on the sculptors girlfriend. He asked her "How would you sight a cannon"?, (Men would straddle the trail to sighy (aim) the gun. She clasped her hands on her knees and bent over. Nice story,..
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. That's a lovely shade of blue on those uniforms! You are right in your assessment -- they are little works of art. Well done!

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz

  4. I agree about the blue. Excellent figures! I just finished a couple of artillery "detachments" (which I apparently incorrectly called "crew" - ha ha), but I like yours much better!
    I might have to look into some of those figures...
    Thanks for the "eye candy"! :-D

  5. Are the female artillery crew 15s or 25s...

  6. Hi Guys
    They are 28mm. Available from EUREKA MINIATURES.
    See a link to EUREKA on this page. Nic, (the owner) is a pleasure to do biz with.

  7. "The Direktors are pleased with the presentation of these troops".

    (Very nice mate!)...