Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Church Proclamation?

(Left: The Prophet bearing the Latest Proclamation)

Queen Raechel and the Church Prophet were relaxing in the West Wing of the Royal Palace.
"It is so nice of you to visit Prophet, I do wish we could see more of you, other than just on Sundays".
"I also wish we could see more of The King and Your Majesty.
The Queen offered The Prophet a slice of Lamington.
"So what brings you from the Temple to the Palace"?
The Prophet placed the half eaten cake on it's plate down on the delicate table and leaned forward.
"Ma'am, I have had discussions with the Church Council, and sought guidance through pray on the matter of plural marriage. It is of the opinion of the Church; nay, I shall go further and stress, we are directed by our Heavenly Father that the practice is to cease".
The Queen shifted in her chair:
"Oh, I see. Have you spoken to the King of this"?
The Prophet sat back:
"Not yet Ma'am, I thought it best I speak with you on the matter before hand".
The Queen understood immediately where the Prophet was going with this:
"Hmmmm,.. I see. I suppose you think the King is more likely to receive this news more favorably from me"?
"I do believe that together the proposition will be better received if delivered from your mouth. Either way, in the end the will of our Heavenly Father must be obeyed".
The Queen rose from her seat:
"Please come walk with me Prophet", they both headed out towards the Memorial Garden. The Queen spoke as they walked:
"Politically this could cause issues for the King. The vast majority of the people will support this proposition, as the men of the poor and middle classes as a rule have, and can only afford, one wife. The Nobility however might be an issue. As you know, many have three or four wives".
The Prophet nodded in agreement:
"I understand Ma'am, but there is no room for compromise. As you are aware the Church has complete freedom to make it's own Proclamations. I bring this to you only as the support of the Crown on this matter will make the news more,.. urm, acceptable".
The Queen stopped and sat near the large Gum Tree that dominated the Garden:
"We will take the news to the King tomorrow then. Can you be here for lunch"?
"Yes Ma'am".
"Fine then, tomorrow at lunch then".


  1. I suspect that this will find a troublesome response.

    -- Jeff

  2. As if the Young King didn't have enough on his plate already,...

  3. Now you understand that we have no church at all in Monte-Cristo...

  4. Ah!
    Schisms! Heresies! Religious Wars!
    Peasant Uprisings!
    Flights of non-conformers into new colonies!

    Great gaming opportunities!

  5. How can the church be so heartless as to deprive a young man the simple pleasure of say FOUR wives? Its enough to turn the devout against religion!