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Who's Who in New Wales

To assist the reader, here is a list of "Who is Who" (or Who is Was), in the Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales.
The main "Characters" are as follows:

John Smyth-
Clements: Founder of the Mormoan Religion, and "Founding Father" of the colony of New Wales.

Uehorn and Iracow natives (Nth American Indians): American Natives that have been "Mormoanized". Mormoans believed the native Americans to be a long lost Israelite Tribe. Approximately 1000 of these Native Americans landed in New Wales with the First Fleet!

Michael Clements (King): Seized sole power in a coup during a sitting of the Mormoan Parliament, and proclaimed "First Consul". In 1728, after defeating a large Franco-Spanish Army at the Battle of Port Phillip, he was proclaimed the 1st King of New Wales. Abdicated in favour of Prince Phillip, (due to poor health). Still popular, (though behaves rather odd at times). Favorite pastime is Boxing!

Queen Janet of Dudley: 1st, (and most popular wife) of King Michael. Mother of Princess Kim, Prince Peter (Later Grand Duke), and Prince Phillip (Later King). Later became Queen Mother. Loved by the People. Most Popular Royal by far!

Duchess Judith of Campbell, (known as the "Bloody Duchess"): Second wife of King Michael. Became known as "The Bloody Duchess" after she lead a purge of the Royal Court during a 2 month Regency when King Michael was very ill. Unpopular with the people. Cunning as a fox that went to "Cunning College". Mother of Prince Matthew, Prince Simon, Princess Emma. Not at all happy to see King Phillip I on the thrown!

Grand Duke Colin: Elder Brother of King Michael. Grand Duke Colin established a colony on a large Island south of the mainland called Van Demon's Land. This became known as The Grand Duchy of Van Demon's Land. Involved with the Parliament as Minister for The Navy and Science.


Born: 29 July 1695. A descendant of John Smyth-Clements, (The House Of Clements).

Proclaimed KING: 13 Nov 1745.

1st Wife: Lady Juliet of Lakelands.

2nd Wife: Duchess Rachel of Raaf.

3rd Wife: Lady, (now Queen and elevated to Prima Wife), Queen Raechel of Harre-Edwards

Children: Princess Amanda, Princess Ashlie (wife1)/ Princess Hayley (wife2) // Princess Mathilda (Prima Wife).

After a very active childhood spent playing much sport he entered the Army. After his 4 years of study at Adfaburg Duntroon Military Academy he entered the Royal Foot Guards Grenadiers as a Company commander at the tender age of 26. He was appointed Commander of the Household Brigade 18 months later. At the Battle of Fort Clairmont he personally led the "Light" Battalion of the Royal Foot Guards as they attacked the French line by charging from the woods on the enemy's left flank. He seized the fallen colour of the "Guard Francis", (decorated with Fleur-de-lys), as the 4th Regiment of Foot put them to flight. Later he led his Brigade with distinction at Launceston in 1734; personally taking the surrender of the Spanish Regiment "Fleur De Lys". Given command of the Army Reserve Brigade at the Battle of Vinegar Hill in1738, his well timed attack secured victory for his father, King Michael. These three actions became known as "Phillip's plucking of the Lilly's of the Field" (or "Fleur De Lys"). A popular King, devoted to his people.

Lady Juliet of Lakelands: 1st wife of King Phillip I. Suffers from bouts of "The Madness". Live in Exile at the Southern tip of Van Demon's Land. Mother of the very popular Princess Amanda. Addicted to the "China drug".

Duchess Rachel of Raaf: 2nd wife of King Phillip I. Mother of the young Princess Hayley. Stays out of the "lime light". Keeps herself busy with shopping for the latest fashions and sitting in Beauty Parlors. Devoted mother to the young Princess.

Queen Raechel of Harre-Edwards (now elevated to Prima Wife) :Renowned for her Beauty. Extremely popular with the people. Her influence allowed "non-converted" (ie: Christians of the Catholic or Protestant denominations), to hold seat within Parliament. Born of Noble birth, from a Saxon family that came to New Wales with the First Fleet. Devoted wife of King Phillip I, and mother of the Infant Princess Mathilda.

Princess Amanda: Eldest daughter of King Phillip. The Royal Dragoon Regiment's Honorary Colonel. Has also been involved in diplomatic missions "Off Shore". A bit of a "Wild Child", she like the excitement of the hunt, accompanying the Royal Dragoons and Constabulary Force on pursuits of renegade natives, criminal elements and "raiders".

Princess Ashlie: Second daughter of the King. Married a Lord Jeremy, Marquise Of Hervey, the Minister for Construction. She is a devoted mother to two young daughters.

Princess Hayley: The third daughter of King Phillip I, (from his 2nd wife). Often seen at the King's side during military parades and inspections, dressed as an Officer of the Maiden Guard, (even though she's not yet in her teens). Quite a character, she often teases General Von Zillmann. A favorite of the Maiden and Royal Guards.

Princess Mathilda: Infant daughter of the King by the Prima Wife, Queen Raechel.

General Von Zillmann: The General is one of only a handful of high ranking officers that had risen from the ranks. Started as a soldier in the 7th Regiment of Foot. Eventually was the RSM of the 7th. Contributed greatly to the Kingdom's victory at the battle of Port Phillip. Currently Minister for War. One of the closest adviser to the King. Very popular with the army.

Grand Duke Peter: King Phillip's older Brother. Compelled to relinquished the thrown to his younger brother due to marriage to a Catholic, The Duchess Margaretta. Consequently he holds the title of Grand Duke of Van Demon's Land. He is very popular with the "demonlanders".

Duchess Margaretta: A Dutch Catholic from a wealthy family, and Wife of Grand Duke Peter. She believes Peter should be King. Openly dislikes Queen Raechel.

Lady Sarah O'Connars: Disgraced former Officer of the King's Maiden Guard. Now Lady In Waiting to Duchess Margaretta. Dismissed from the Maiden Guard for "An Inappropriate Relationship" with one Colonel Eboneza Ann.

Colonel Eboneza Ann: Son of a Sheep Grazier, he started is military career as an officer in the Yarra Militia. Though he is a competent officer, he is currently on "the wrong side" of the King due to an "indiscretion" with an officer of the Maiden Guard, (see notes on Lady Sarah O'Connars above).

Princess Royal, Kim Margret: First born child of old King Michael. Contributes little except for organizing the most outrageous parties in the Kingdom. Very popular at court and with the natives. Unmarried and uninterested in men, (apparently).

I hope this helps the reader.


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