Saturday, May 9, 2009

MORMOAN CAVALRY (cont.): 2nd Regiment, Princess Hayley's Hussars.

(Apologies for the quality of the picture of the Uniform, but you get a good idea of the colours. I will update the picture ASAP)

Today, we will look at the 2nd Regiment; “Princess Hayley’s Hussars”
NAME: 2nd Regiment, "Princess Hayley’s Hussars”
Date Raised: 18 September 1701
MOTTO: "Eager To Strike”
Unofficial Motto: None Known to date.
Nicknames:"The Chestnuts" and “The Parrots”
Battle Honours: "Beaver Ridge", "The Hostile Wars" and "Port Philip 1728".
Brief History:
This regiment of Hussar was the second cavalry regiment to be raised by the Mormoans. The Parliamentary decree that authorized their raising stated that “A Regiment of Hussars be raised to provide scouts for the standing Army, and Escorts for dignitaries’ as required”.

Most of the Troopers were recruited from the “Well To Do” families. They are mounted on Chestnut horses, except for the Buglers, who ride Grey’s. The Regiment First saw action at Beaver Ridge, where they inflicted significant casualties on the French Colonists during the pursuit.
Regimental anecdotes and traditions:

The Regiment earned their motto at Beaver Ridge where they were being held in reserve. When they saw the 1st Regiment being unleashed on the enemy many troopers were heard to cry out, “Is the 1st to have all the glory”?


Sire, we too are eager to strike your enemies”!

The Regiment's Honorary Colonel is Princess Hayley, the King's third daughter. Initially they were simply “The 2nd Regiment”, but when the nation became a Constitutional Monarchy they we’re renamed “The 2nd Regiment, Royal Hussars”. When the King’s third daughter attended at Review of the Cavalry in 1743 with her Grandfather, (then King) she commented that she thought the 2nd Regiment looked to be the best on parade.

Poppy, I do so like the look of the Hussars, they look like those Parrots we feed each morning” she is said to have commented. “I think that it’s only fair that if my big sister has the Dragoons as her Regiment, that the fellows on little horses should have her little sister as their Honorary Colonel. Don’t you think Poppy”?

King Michael agreed, and decreed on 27 September, (his grand-daughter’s birthday), that “From henceforth the 2nd Regiment will be known as Princess Hayley’s Hussars”!

Below we have a picture of the Regiments Guidon, (battle Flag),


  1. Interesting and cool unit info as usual. I really like the guidon!

  2. The Beerstein Foreign Legion is excited how have a squadron of these excellent hussars. Hurrah for the Princess Hayley's Hussars!