Friday, March 11, 2011

Royal Artillery on Exercise!

BELOW: "Make Ready"! Gunner's from Bree's Battery prepare to fire.
DATE: 8 June 1746:
LOCATION: Royal Training Grounds, Puckapunyal.
From the top of Mount Pukapunyal, as the early morning fog slowly lifts, the King and General Zillmann observe a hive of activity on the Gun Line.
A fine mist formed around the Generals mouth as he spoke:
"The Lads of Bree's battery seem to have a real spring in their step this morning your Highness. They must have had a hearty breakfast. I hear the Battery Captain bagged a huge Boomer* yesterday,..".
The King Lowered his telescope:
"Probably more to do with the Troop of gunners from ADMA than anything else. Nothing like some competitivness between Gun Lines to bring out the best in the Artillerymen".
BOOM! The First shots of the day rang out across the valley.
"First honours to the lads from Bree's Battery" observerd the General.
"Indeed, but shooting is not even half of the evaluation. The real test is how well they can manouver their guns"
The King had been conducting "Head Of Regiment Evaluations, (or HRE's) for some time. He was a 'true believer' in the Artillery arm.
"How well they can work in support of the Infantry and cavalry is the real test however,.."

After five rounds from each gun, Infantry from the Yarra Militia suddenly apeared from the tree line behind the guns and advanced on about 100 'dummys' two hundred yards in front of the Guns. Within a few minutes the skirmishers opened up a brisk fire upon them.

"Well Sire, it appears the Battery Captain and Captain Penmann from the militia have a good working relationship"
The King walked to his horse.
"Yes General, it would appear so,.."
Before the King could mount his horse however, a messenger arrived:
"Your Highness, I come bearing bad news, Your Brother the Grand Duke has been shot,..."!
BELOW: Skirmishers from the Yarra Militia dash down the road and begin a brisk fire of their own. In the foregrond, Gunners from the Adfaburg Duntroon Military Academy

To Be Continued,..
* Note: Boomer = A large male Kangaroo


  1. Excellent. I really like this, especially the pic of the guns firing

  2. Yikes! Shot? It looks like there will be troubled times a'coming.

    -- Jeff

  3. I should add the Gunners and Staff Cadets were painted by FERNANDO ENTERPRISE painting service. I did the Guns and the Militiamen.

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