Monday, January 19, 2009

Work In Progress

(My first Regiment painted; The King's Maiden Guard)

Hi All
Here we see the first of my units painted.
I started off by painting the King's Maiden Guard and Raechel's Troop. I used the very nice EUREKA MINIATURES figures. Sorry, I'm unsure of the codes, but contact Nic at Eureka and I'm sure he will provide the figs: Here we see them just after applying the undercoat. I always undercoat in Matt Black, ( usually the cheap "at any hardware store" type of spray can stuff).

I really like the Artillery. All but the Detachment Commander (or "Number 1"), have there coats off, and are serving the gun with just there vests on. Very "Gunner like".
Here are the pictures of the completed units. Really only varnishing and basing to go. I also need to add a Flag to the Guard:

As you can see, I've painted the Drummer in "Reversed Colours".


  1. Extremely pretty uniforms there, especially the drummer in reversed livery. How about a shot of the whole unit lined up in formation?

    Best Regards,


  2. Yes I had already noticed the drummer's reversed colors and had planned on complimenting you on them. The troops all look very good.

    What rules are you planning on using?

    -- Jeff

  3. Are these the Countess Sandra figures in 28mm?

  4. Very nice uniforms. Look forward to more.

  5. A very good-looking unit! The Kingdom and its Creator can be proud.

    Is Raechel's Troop the Maiden Guard's regimental artillery (did not appear in the original OOB)? Seemingly wears the MG uniform, except for the tricorn red lace?

    Did I dream, or is the Maiden Guard indeed wearing a 'new regulation' uniform (I remember one of darker blue with buttonhole lacing on the lapels and scalloped lace on the tricorn?

  6. Hi Guys
    Thanks for the comments. As for Rules, I'll be using either "Loose Files and American Scramble" or "British Grenadier".
    abdul666 is correct; I have altered the King's Maiden Guard's uniform, (see the edited post re: "THE KING's MAIDEN GUARD") Raechel's troop is part of the King's Maiden Guard, but are recruited from the Nobility rather than "adopted" orphans of veterans.
    Yes, these are the Countess Sandra figures in 28mm, produced by EUREKA MINIATURES here in Australia.
    I'll post pictures of the entire unit once I've based them.

  7. Delightful figures! - er, wargames figures, that is. ;) I was contemplating adding an all-female unit such as these for Hetzenberg, and your pictures are an incentive to do so.

  8. Hi AJ.
    Yes, they are delightful figures. The word on the streets of the Capital is the King will be raising a second battalion, (maybe with white facing colours?).

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